12 Guest Room Essentials for Your Home

Your bedroom is your safe haven — a place you retreat to after a long day. So, when you have friends or family staying at your home, it’s perfectly understandable that you’d want to create a guest bedroom that provides a similar sense of calm. The ideal guest bedroom will include items that not only enhance your guest’s comfort level, but also make them feel like they’re not intruding upon you and your family. After all, nobody likes asking the host for extra towels and other basic necessities! 

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To that end, we’ve curated a list of important guest room essentials that every host should have for their guests. Some items on this list are a given (nightstands, a reading lamp and a comfortable bed), while others — earplugs, a mirror and a soothing sleep mask — are ones that are easy to overlook, but can make your guests feel extra loved and welcome in your home. 

Read on and start decorating!

  • A Comfortable Bed – Don’t make your guests sleep on an air mattress. Beyond being uncomfortable, air mattresses are a total pain to inflate every time and are subject to punctures. If you want to give your guests the gift of a better night’s sleep, shell out for a high-quality hybrid mattress that provides top-notch support.
  • High-Quality Sheets – Sheets may seem like a minor detail, but a high-quality set can make a huge difference to your guest’s comfort and sleep quality. To maximize their experience, splurge on year-round sheets made from long-staple cotton or linen, both of which are breathable and long-lasting.


  • Extra Blankets – Everyone has their own unique sleep preferences. Some people sleep hot, while others sleep cool. To set your guests up for a comfortable night’s rest, provide them with extra blankets and toss a throw blanket on the bed for good measure (bonus points if it’s a weighted blanket). Don’t forget to provide extra pillows, too!
  • Wastebasket – You may not create a lot of waste in your bedroom, but your guests will undoubtedly appreciate having a place to toss all of their receipts and packaging waste. And who says a wastebasket has to be an eyesore? There are plenty of stylish wastebaskets on the market that perfectly blend function and design. 
  • Nightstands (Set of Two) – Nightstands are a must-have for any guest room for obvious reasons. On top of enhancing your bedroom aesthetic, they provide a place to put lamps, phones, drinks and other comfort items that your guests may want to have on hand as they sleep. To maximize your storage, consider choosing a set of nightstands with drawers. And to answer your unspoken question, the answer is yes, you really should splurge on two nightstands for the guest bedroom.
  • Wi-Fi Password – This one almost goes without saying. Instead of waiting for your guests to ask you for the Wi-Fi password, jot it down on a notepad and place it in a highly visible area in the bedroom so it’s ready when they arrive. Better yet, take a note from a vacation rental owner’s playbook and keep a framed Wi-Fi QR code print in the guest room. That way, your guests can quickly scan the code and access the Wi-Fi in seconds!
  • Fresh Towels – You know exactly where the fresh towels are, but your guests presumably do not. Make shower time easy for them by placing fresh towels on a chair in their bedroom. If you want to make them feel extra fancy, splurge on a set of Turkish cotton towels.


  • A Cozy Robe – Anything you can do to make your home feel like a five-star hotel is sure to make your guests’ stay more enjoyable. With that in mind, why not provide a high-quality robe for your guests? From waffle-spa robes to luxurious weighted robes that promote relaxation, there are plenty of bathrobes that will make your guest room feel welcoming and comfortable.
  • Full-Length Mirror – If your guest bedroom connects to a bathroom, you might not think your bedroom needs a mirror at all — but trust us, it does. For one thing, the mirror in your guest bathroom probably isn’t a full-length mirror, and some guests want to see their entire outfit in the mirror before they head out for the day. Besides, adding a gorgeous mirror in the corner can elevate the look of your guest bedroom and maximize the lighting. 
  • Sleep Aids – Let’s be real — it’s hard enough to get a good night’s sleep in your own home, let alone someone else’s. (Up to 70 million Americans suffer from insomnia every year, and these last few years have been particularly brutal on our sleep quality.) To encourage a peaceful night’s slumber for your guests, put some earplugs and a sleep mask on the nightstand. If you live on a busy street or in a noisy neighborhood, you might even consider offering them a white noise machine as well.
  • Fan – If you’re a hot sleeper, then you know why this one is important. It’s practically impossible to sleep in an overly-warm bedroom. A bedroom fan will help keep your guests cool on those hot summer days and may even double as a white noise machine. 
  • Space in the Closet/Dresser – Last, but not least, make sure your guests have a space to put their clothes. Many people keep their clothes in their luggage for shorter stays, but if your guests are staying for weeks on end, it’s always a nice gesture to provide a clean dresser or closet.

Other Ways to Make Your Guests Feel Special

  • Make a small welcome basket and include essentials like water bottles, snacks and specialty tea or coffee.
  • Leave fresh flowers in their room.
  • If your guests are arriving late, leave a few lights on to keep them from fumbling around in the dark.
  • Offer to carry their bags and show them to their room.
  • Create a list of your favorite restaurants and things to do.

There you have it — a list of essentials that will instantly transform your guest bedroom into a welcoming space. If your guests need anything else during their stay, be sure to let them know that all they have to do is ask!



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