7 Reasons Why You Need to Have a Relaxation Room at Your Workplace
Sleep and Relaxation

7 Reasons Why You Need to Have a Relaxation Room at Your Workplace

Most employers know which buttons to press to get someone motivated. When burnt out, however, people won’t be able to work anymore no matter how you try to push them. This is why the world is witnessing a dramatic shift in office design. As workers spend most of the day at their job, it’s no surprise that they demand the best conditions. There are several reasons employers would benefit from creating relaxation rooms as much as their employees. And lastly, before we dive down this list, it’s important to note that each of these reasons greatly influences each other. This is incredibly helpful because we will be solving all of our issues if we begin working on even a single one.


For example, productivity is intertwined with all of our points, just as our social life is impacted by our work. And interestingly, rest has much more of an impact on how productive we are than sheer motivation. We might find a solution to our office-related problems if we retrace our steps to when we were still in school.

When we used to study, we would take breaks now and again. These moments of pause helped us gather our wits and stay productive for as long as possible. For example, many students who haven’t begun implementing breaks in their study routines eventually begin to notice increasingly negative results. If we’re reading a book without pause, we’ll easily forget parts of what we’ve read. Solving math problems for hours on end will also lower your overall efficiency and precision.

And this is only scratching the surface. Can you imagine what work without a proper break is like for people with chronic headaches and back pain? Giving employees the freedom to take a break, go for a walk, and stretch is immensely helpful.

Lastly, let’s mention daydreaming. Some of us would often do this at school, disregarding whatever the teacher was trying to tell us. Not everyone wanders off like this, but the most creative kids certainly do. However, have you ever considered that these brief moments could have a positive impact on your problem solving and general productivity? To the surprise of employers who see daydreaming as a waste of time, research suggests that letting your mind wander will help you tackle complex problems. Therefore, if you ever feel like taking a nap – don’t let anyone stop you.

Time Off

The number of jobs that we can do from home is incredible, and their number is increasing. After all, you can take a break whenever you want, and play some videogames to unwind. When you carry this idea over to the workplace, however, something amazing happens.

Firstly, the atmosphere itself is different. When we feel like we’re working under a dictator, nothing can be worse. We can’t wait to go home and unwind, before ultimately coming to work tomorrow morning. In contrast, there’s no pressure when you can call your boss a friend and have the opportunity to take a break of your own accord.

Obviously, everyone will be looking forward to time off in the break room. This doesn’t necessarily mean that no work will be done. Rather, the lack of pressure and stress will only make it seem like no work is being done. With the burden gone, any type of task will seem doable and nothing will be an issue. When you’ve unlocked this kind of mindset for yourself and coworkers, know that you’ve achieved something rare.


To continue with the aforementioned lack of stress, demands will be less of a burden. Look at it like this: everyone is at the end of their wits, yet the executive is exclaiming that the monthly quota needs to be reached. Even if a hero appears and meets the demands of the dictator, he’s likely to pack his stuff and leave in search of a humble boss.

Now, if we look at the situation from another perspective, it won’t be nearly as grim. During a coffee break, for example, one of your colleagues enters the room stating that he’s having trouble with an assignment that needs to be done ASAP. If everyone chips in, the issue is easily going to be resolved. If the manager allows his workers some time off, they’ll often be happy to help. This is because they feel appreciated, and like they’re part of a team. None of us want to be underlings that are just ordered around, do we?


Giving employees some time off will let them recharge their batteries, as well as give them a chance to build rapport with their coworkers. Is there anything better than getting a drink from the premium office coffee machine and chatting up a few friends during a break? For some people, a cup of coffee is enough to get them in the right direction.

The largest benefit of relaxation rooms is the option to temporarily step away from work-related stress. People tend to get increasingly nervous as their workload increases, and this has been proven to be a burden on their relationships, including friends and family. A café room will give employees, especially new ones, the chance to make some friends. The sad truth is that people are keeping to themselves more often than not. It may be smart to organize events in the relaxation room as well. Bring a couple of board games or think of some team-building exercises.

As mentioned above, when you see your manager as a friend, part of the stress simply disappears. One of the best things an executive can do is organize meetings and congratulate coworkers on their success. Furthermore, sharing short and long-term goals with everyone will improve the coherence of the entire team. The second best thing an employer can do is join his coworkers in the café room for a short break. While someone has to be in charge, remember that we’re all in the same boat. Keep in mind, though, that the boss are the ones that decide how your relationship functions.


Let’s face it, everyone has their needs. I, for instance, like the idea of taking a quick nap in the break room while listening to some music. Someone else will be grateful for the chance to gossip and catch up with coworkers over a cup of coffee. Then again, we all have that gamer friend and we’re fully aware that he would spend every minute of his break trying to beat a new level.

What I’m trying to point out is that everyone has a different method that helps them “recharge”. Every employee has a need to be noticed, and executives should do their best to reward efficiency. Upgrading the gaming equipment in your break room is a dream come true for the workers that love videogames. However, the boss needs to be extremely clear with the point of this reward. This is a gift for both sides and a token of appreciation for all the hard work that has been done. Also, it is an investment that is sure to pay off in productivity. While we need to support our strongest assets, we mustn’t spoil them.

There are several themes you can build around:

  1. Equipping a room with a punching bag and a few exercise balls will create a type of gym, and sport is proven to reduce stress. Similarly, yoga practitioners will be thankful if you bring in several floor mats. A few minutes of meditation, or quiet mindfulness, is often enough for a boost in concentration and focus.
  2. Soft lighting and walls painted with a light color combine to create a soothing atmosphere. This paired with the right kind of ambiance music, and you’ve hit the jackpot for a nap room. And for the people who have trouble relaxing, eye masks and earplugs are a must.
  3. Have you thought of a nature room? Investing in a large aquarium is a popular choice, as a plant because science suggests these elements have a calming effect. Certain managers have incorporated indoor waterfall features as well because the sounds of nature help us relax.
  4. If you’re considering a game room, there’s no need to go overboard. A gaming console connected to a small TV along with a few controllers is all you need. Slipping out of the chaos and diving into a beanbag chair will do wonders for the morale of your colleagues.
  5. Have you ever paid a visit to a massage therapist? It’s simply wonderful. Some companies even employ massage therapists for when their workers need them the most. Invite a masseur and let them have a go at your workers. If it’s just what they needed, you’ve got yourself a massage room planned.

What you absolutely MUST avoid is accidentally creating a depressing break room. People get scared that investments may not pay off, and this is why kitchens are poorly stocked and the relaxation room is filled with uncomfortable chairs.


There are plenty of ideas, and it’s up to us to begin implementing them. However, we can’t ignore the costs, and investing in a dozen break rooms each with its own theme isn’t practical. The best solution is to poll employees to determine what surroundings best help them unwind. Their needs will change over time, so stay flexible and keep remodeling as an option. Simply take out the punching bags and bring in a couple of tables to create a café.

When we mention investments of any kind, it sounds like we’re going to need a lot of money. Simply ignore the numerous articles telling you to get several TVs along with a surround sound system. If you have the budget for an arcade game along with people who want to play, go for it. However, it isn’t a must and shouldn’t be.

Quality of Life

Something we all need to understand is how our productivity deeply depends on our general quality of life. In today’s industry, the largest part of someone’s life is spent at work, often behind a desk. For this reason, open-plan coworking offices with rest areas, and biophilic office designs have become trending features of most workplaces.

To quickly explain, quality of life is a term that connects all of the aspects of our life. Safety, family, friends, our environment, the work we do, and our overall satisfaction decide our quality of life. We spend a third of the day sleeping, and if we don’t get enough sleep everything else suffers. Another third we spend at work, which is why we need to make the most out of our free time.

However, we shouldn’t forget expectations. Every individual has certain needs or goals they want to fulfill at one point in their life. This is precisely why our office life is so important. The happier we are, the more likely we are to fulfill our long-term goals, and we’ll generally feel closer to our ideal life.

To conclude, there are several reasons why having a relaxation room at the workplace will do wonders for both manager and employee. The first concern is often productivity. It may seem logical that a game room will grab the attention of workers, preventing them from returning to their job. However, this is rarely the case, and often the opposite is achieved – people are refreshed and ready to take on new challenges. Furthermore, because everyone has a chance to build a relationship with colleagues, they’ll have someone to rely on further down the line. What most people underestimate is the workers’ willingness to reciprocate any goodwill from their employer. If any goals need to be met, a huge number of people will be willing to go the extra mile. Our boss can’t always be humble, but as long as we know that we’re a team, it likely won’t be an issue. And lastly, all of these factors fall together to create an ideal quality of life. If we’re satisfied in one area of our lives, that happiness is slowly, but surely, going to spill over into the rest.

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