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Essential Dog Grooming Products Every Pet Owners Must Have

Singapore, the small island city-state in Southeast Asia, is the home of over 5.6 million people. Mercer revealed in its 2019 Quality of Life survey that the tiny nation has the highest quality of life among all the Asian countries on the list. It is also one of the most visited countries in the region due to its innovative cityscape and efficient public transportation. But most tourists loved visiting the country because of its amazing nature reserves and city parks. 

Aside from the tourists, the local Singaporean residents love nature sight-seeing in their country. They enjoy hanging out in gardens and parks. More residents are also beginning to welcome pets in their homes and apartments to bring added joy to their families. 

Because of the demand for furry companions, more people started shopping at their favorite pet shop in Singapore for supplies. They either shop online or in the stores for pet food, medicines, and other accessories. 

But perhaps some of the best selling pet products in the market belong to the grooming category. These items are essential for pet owners who want to keep their pets clean and smelling good all the time. 

Here are some of the most important pet grooming supplies that every pet parent must include in their next shopping trip to a pet shop in Singapore

Excellent Dog Brush

Investing in a good dog brush should be a top priority for dog lovers. They need to find a high-quality brush that comes with smooth bristles that will not scratch or hurt your dog’s coat or skin. 

For dog breeds with smooth coats, pick the rubber-type brush. It can help reduce shedding and act as a massage tool for the pet. Meanwhile, those with a longer coat require a more slippery brush. The kind with bent metal bristles can help remove dead hair and tangles and mats. 

Coat Spray

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No matter the age, breed, or size, these charming pets need an initial mist of a good coat spray before brushing. This grooming essential can help lessen static and allow the grooming tools to glide smoothly through the fur. It will also let the fur parents brush through the tangles faster and prevent it from coming back. 

Dog Shampoo

Dogs need regular bath time to keep it looking and smelling clean. But using regular human shampoos will not do the job. Dogs and other furry pets need shampoos formulated specifically for them. They work by removing dirt without any irritation. 

When using dog shampoo, experts recommend pouring a small amount of the liquid into a bowl or cup then add a small amount of warm water for dilution. Then submerge a clean kitchen sponge in the mixture to wash the pet. The sponge will let the pet parent distribute the shampoo all over the dog’s body evenly. It will also clean all the hard to reach areas like the faces, paws, and their private parts.  

Nail Clippers

Like humans, dogs need to maintain well-trimmed claws. Long nails will make it harder for them to walk properly. It is why pet parents must always inspect the dog’s paws to see if the nails become too long. 

However, some dog owners are afraid to cut their pet’s nails because they might trim it too close to the skin. In cases like this, they need to keep a styptic powder or potassium permanganate on hand to stop the bleeding. They also need to know all the first aid treatments when these situations happen.  

Owning a dog in Singapore requires a lot of responsibility. The pet owners need to comply with the government’s regulation about pet ownership. They also need to check with their apartments and community if they want to bring a dog at home. Once they manage to comply with all the requirements and secure all these grooming essentials, they can ensure that they can raise the dog properly.

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