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A home or a room is a sanctuary of peace and comfort for each owner. The owner consciously adds each element and design to suit their needs. Every person has different preferences, but few everyday decor items are universally soothing and offer encouragement or motivation at the right time.

Choices could include decor items like plants, or any artwork on canvas prints. In Australia, homes are famous for their beachy-feel interiors that can be complemented, with art pieces of the beachside or their favourite images on a canvas print. There are over 9 million homes in Australia, each with unique architecture, and what makes them personal is their interiors.

Things one pays attention to has an impact on their mood. For example, looking at a portrait of serene landscapes can instantly calm the nerves.

Here are a few additional ways to create a No-stress zone in one’s home or room

Create a Relaxation Room

Sometimes everyone needs their own private space and time. The lack of such a wind-down time can cause adverse effects that can even lead to a mental breakdown. To minimise the stress, try to create a dedicated room for relaxing; a highly personalised area filled with one’s favourite canvas print posters or movie merchandise. It could be a small space, an extra storage cabin, a spare bedroom, etc.

    The objective should be to create a personalised atmosphere that helps one to slow down. Men have always expressed their need for a “man cave,” which is essentially a private space to do things that help them take their mind off things for a while. Not just men, everyone needs this space to recollect and introspect; a room filled with their favourite things that allow them to unwind. The things that help one achieve this could be different for different people. For some, it is when they see a photo of a puppy or a Koala on posters or canvas prints. In Australia, most people—especially the younger generation—love gifting posters to their loved ones as they carry a picture, a story, or a quote that helps the viewer feel good, appreciated and valued.

How Does this help?

Having a dedicated spot or place gives one a mental picture of peace. They know that if they go there, they do not have to think of anything else but can revel in their thoughts. People practice meditation or pray in such spaces, and having things that help in such processes makes the experience better. This practice can efficiently reduce the psychological symptoms of stress.

Remove Clutter:

One need not be reminded of the saying that a cluttered desk is a reflection of an occupied mind. So clearing up or decluttering helps one to organise thoughts and brings in positive energy. Disorganised and messy homes have been shown to increase the cortisol levels in the bodies of the inhabitants. Frequent cleaning of unwanted items helps one feel more in control of their choices and decisions; it builds willpower.

Balance is Key:

Balance the elements in a room by having different materials. Incorporate the elements of water, wood, metal, and green. It need not necessarily be just material things but colours as well. One can complement or contrast the colours of their wall with a canvas poster of colourful abstract artwork.


    Finding out what one’s favourite things helps them to incorporate them into their rooms. One of the easiest ways to add this element is by hanging pictures or canvas posters of it. The furniture too plays an indispensable role in setting the mood of one’s home. The trick is to figure out what element works best to suit the wants and needs of the user.

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