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Things you Should Know About Good-Looking Rose Gold Earrings

There are lots of jewellery available in different colours and touches. Most people opt for silver, gold and diamond when it comes to their accessories, but maybe you might want to discover something new to style and wear.

If you visit a jewellery shop, whether physical or online, you will see jewellery in rose gold touches and it surely caught your attention in just one glimpse. In fact, in the past few years, this colour has been a trend that’s been rising, especially rose gold earrings. You surely have seen rose gold jewellery many times, but you might want to keep reading to discover the real deal about it.

What is a rose gold touch?

Rose gold is a kind of metal used in anything from engagement rings to clothes and phones. But it created its biggest impact in jewellery, most especially the rose gold earrings.

Rose gold is a gold-copper alloy, meaning it is a combination of metals. ‘Alloy’ refers to other materials applied to the gold for the final product to be made. Rose gold, which is an alloy, originally made from a mixture of copper, silver, and pure gold. The combination of the metals modifies the colour of the finished product and its karat. For instance, 18 karat gold is 75% gold or 18 parts gold and six parts alloy, while 14 karat gold would have 58% gold.

There are few purposes serve by the metals applied to gold. In terms of rose gold, the copper and silver add the pink hue that’s needed to make it. This is also the reason why lots of gold jewellery isn’t 100% gold. Gold is a soft metal itself. It is so soft that jewellery created with just gold possibly bend, scratch, and even frequent wear or regular wear will normally ruin it. Adding stronger metals to the gold can turn the jewellery durable that would not be destroyed after several months of wear.

How to style rose gold earrings?

Since you are now aware of what rose gold is, it is time for the fun things—the jewellery styling.

Rose gold’s gentle colour makes it possible for it to go well with other metals. For a classic and clean look, you could match rose gold earrings with sterling silver, yellow gold, platinum, or white gold necklace.

There is no need for this mixing and matching of rose gold with other metals only concerning other pieces of jewellery. It will also fit well with metal fashion items, such as a gold jacket, silver pants, a copper accessory. Rose gold’s durability also ensures that several different colours and designs can be combined with it. In a ring with amber, it will fit just as well as in a threaded ring with white gold and diamond.

Are rose gold earrings worth your money?

If you are hesitant about the value of rose gold earrings, take note of its winning sides before you purchase. One reason you might want to consider is that rose gold earrings are durable and can be paired with almost anything, which can result in impressing styles. Adding rose gold earrings to your collection will give you a modern style for the coming years. Just like your silver and diamond jewellery set, rose gold earrings could also satisfy your style.

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