8 Creative Easter Basket Ideas to Add a Flair to the Holiday

Traditionally, Easter is a time of renewal that also announces the arrival of spring. Tap into this exciting time with some creative Easter basket ideas. Whether you wish to adorn your baskets with flowers and ribbons or create personalized Easter baskets for every bunny on your list, you’re sure to have fun as you catch a wave of holiday spirit. Find some imaginative ideas for Easter gifting below.

Idea 1: Custom Basket for Easter Treats

The Easter basket is one of the most ancient symbols of the holiday. It hearkens back to pre-Christian times and the celebration of the spring equinox. According to ancient Anglo-Saxon lore, Eostre, the fertility goddess, carried a woven basket for gathering spring’s bounty. You can honor this tradition while still adding a few extras to your basic basket. 

For example, simply tying a handful of colorful satin ribbons to the handle can give the basket fabulous flair. An array of silk flowers is another lovely way to decorate an Easter basket and salute springtime. If you want to get a bit funky, try gluing some pom-pom trim to the rim of the container, or cover it all over with florist’s moss.

Idea 2: Gardener’s Easter Tote

When you are brainstorming ideas for basket stuffers for Easter, think about themes. Gardening, for instance, is a natural theme for this time of year. If you have a garden enthusiast on your Easter gift list, create a thoughtful Easter garden tote with essential supplies for growing success. Start with a garden trug as a container, and add items like:

  • A set of hand tools with a trowel, fork and claw
  • An array of colorful seed packets
  • A small container of seedling fertilizer
  • Row markers to fill in with plant names
  • Pruning shears
  • Gardener’s gloves

Idea 3: Healthy and Delicious Easter Basket

Easter is typically a time to pack on the treats. Unfortunately, even a modest collection of candy can add more than 2,000 sugary calories to your daily total. If you are putting together baskets for children but want to cut down on sugar, consider substituting foods that are mouthwatering but healthier. 

Start with a theme like Easter bunny fun, and then build your basket around it. Use a personalized Easter bunny as the centerpiece. A snack pack of cheddar rabbit crackers, graham crackers in bunny shapes, fruit-juice-based gummies and yummy trail mix in a carrot-shaped gift bag can fill your basket with holiday cheer. Add some non-edible fun in the form of sidewalk chalk, a jump rope or a mini bowling game. These kinds of Easter goodies encourage your kids to burn calories instead of overindulging in them.

Idea 4: Hitch Your Wagon Easter Package

Trade a traditional Easter basket for a container that morphs into a toy when the goodies are gone. For example, purchase a toy-sized red wagon — not the miniature model — and fill it up. Other multi-use containers you can fill for Easter include:


  • Toybox
  • Plastic storage caddy
  • Large toy dump truck
  • Toy wheelbarrow
  • Plastic sand bucket

Idea 5: Housewarming Easter Array

If you need a housewarming gift with an Easter theme, call upon your natural creative flair. Start with a useful kitchen container such as a large colander. If you like, class it up with glittery gold spray paint, and the recipient can use it later as a wall decoration. Add some gold sizzle shred, and then, nest some useful culinary gadgets inside, like a vegetable peeler, a fruit zester, a silicone whisk and a garlic press. Measuring cups and spoons, a kitchen timer and a set of designer dish towels complete this thoughtful gift for new homeowners.

Idea 6: Alice in Wonderland Easter Ensemble

Anyone who loves the iconic Lewis Carroll stories will love an Alice in Wonderland-themed Easter basket. Of course, the White Rabbit looms large in this story, and it should be central to your collection, too. Have fun dressing your stuffed bunny in a little blue waistcoat with a toy pocket watch attached. Add useful gifts straight out of Wonderland, such as a deck of cards, a toy tea set and packaged treats with labels that say “Eat Me” or “Drink Me.” Consider including a toy croquet set. You might even want to tuck in a small, plush Cheshire cat.

Idea 7: Weather-Themed Easter Basket

Give a nod to wayward winds and April showers with an Easter container designed for the weather. For example, fill a colorful upturned umbrella with gummies, chocolate and homemade treats to transform a rainy day into an impromptu party. Later, your child will get plenty of use from the umbrella outdoors. You could also purchase a pair of fun rain boots for each child and fill them up with Easter goodies. After they enjoy the treats, the kids will be well-prepared for puddle jumping, a time-honored rite of spring.

Idea 8: Eggs-actly the Right Size Basket

Start with a conventional egg carton to size your Easter package just right. For multiple gifts, use half-dozen-size egg containers. For a larger bundle, use a dozen or two-dozen carton. Don’t worry if the carton contains commercial labeling; simply paint over it using your color of choice. Add a pinch of faux grass to each egg compartment before filling it with a bite-sized treat. In keeping with an egg theme, choose foil-wrapped chocolate eggs, jellybeans, mini bunnies and other small but scrumptious goodies. Close the lid, and tie it up with a big satin bow.

Creative Flair for a Fabulous Easter

Easter can be both a time of spiritual renewal and a celebration of the spring. Touch base with your inner child this year by tapping into your natural creativity. The results will be rejuvenating, both for you and for those on the receiving end of your handcrafted Easter basket gifting.

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