Forget popcorn ceilings and opt for stretch ceilings that are a more creative and healthy solution
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Forget popcorn ceilings and opt for stretch ceilings that are a more creative and healthy solution

Popcorn ceilings that used to be a favorite choice for builders and homeowners for many years are now out of favor as new ceiling solutions are gaining popularity. One must admit that popcorn ceiling styles have lost their appeal and become dated and not at all suitable to create modern styles based on the 3D effect. When installing new ceilings, seldom would anyone consider popcorn ceiling even if it is asbestos-free because other affordable ceiling solutions that are much more appealing are now available. 

One thing that goes against popcorn ceilings is that its texture and aesthetics have not lived up to the needs of the changing times, and it lacks versatility because you cannot install recessed lighting on ceilings, which is the latest craze in home styling. More and more people are opting for New York Popcorn Ceiling Replacement to try out trendy ceiling solutions.

Popcorn ceilings have not only been outdated, but its asbestos content is responsible for its losing favor among builders and homeowners because of the ban imposed on asbestos, which possesses carcinogenic properties. Both things have gone heavily against the once numero uno ceiling option of America that enjoyed immense popularity for many decades. Since the ban on asbestos imposed in 1978, popcorn ceilings retained its popularity for some more years until asbestos-free popcorn ceilings made its appearance. However, by that time, the style and design of popcorn ceiling texture fell behind the latest trend in home décor, which is also a reason for people turning to newer ceiling materials. 

Why do you need a ceiling at all?

 After constructing a house, it should be good enough to live under the concrete ceiling only if you are ready to live with the visible imperfections that are bound to happen.  Finishing a dry-walled ceiling requires a high level of skill to make it look perfect and aesthetically appealing, but the task is far from easy. The process of achieving a flawless look of the ceiling consists of covering drywall seams with fiberglass or paper tape and then applying mud or joint compound or cover paper over it. After the first layer dries up, more layers of mud coat are applied very thinly and then sanded carefully to produce a flawless surface. The process of mudding and taping requires a high degree of skill and often results in sagging seams, visible nail dimples, and uneven ceilings.  

The popcorn ceiling is an easy and affordable option for covering the imperfections of drywall ceilings and make the ceiling look more appealing and attractive. Also, popcorn ceilings have sound resisting property, which helps to cut off outside noise and create quiet and peaceful interiors besides being fire-resistant, a property derived from asbestos. 

need a ceiling at all

What’s bad about asbestos?

Popcorn ceilings are synonymous with asbestos because there was a time when it was unthinkable to create popcorn ceilings without it. Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate mineral that has fire-resistant properties and exists freely in the form of microscopic fibers that remain consolidated unless disturbed. However, if you cut, scratch, rub or tear away asbestos, it releases invisible fibers in the air which, when inhaled, mixes with the bloodstream and causes serious lung ailment, which can even lead to lung cancer. Since it is impossible to ensure that ceilings once installed will remain undisturbed, one must live with the threats to health after installing popcorn ceilings. Since popcorn ceilings catch dust and dirt easily that discolors the ceiling, regular cleaning is necessary, and it increases the risks of asbestos exposure.  

The dangers of popcorn ceiling removal

Removing the popcorn ceiling is a messy and cumbersome job because it entails high risks from asbestos released from the ceiling at the time of removal.  Therefore, getting rid of popcorn ceilings is not at all easy even if done by professionals who, despite doing the best job, can never prevent the release of asbestos fibers completely.  Since asbestos fibers are generally invisible and spread through the air, the threat remains.

A safer and risk-free alternative is to leave the popcorn ceiling intact and conceal it effectively by installing a new stretch ceiling under it. This would give the room a completely new and contemporary look that creates striking visual effects.

Innovative ceiling designs

Innovative ceiling designs

Ceiling designs have undergone a sea change since the introduction of stretch ceilings made from some stretchable fabric that has set new standards in home décor.  Stretch ceilings create stunning visual effects like the ones that we used to see in movies only. The ceiling designs are not only visually appealing but also create an illusion of expanding the space that enhances the pleasures of living. On installing stretch ceilings, rooms would appear to be bigger than it is because the borders and boundaries of rooms tend to disappear that create a delightful experience. The innovations of design can even create 3D designs on ceilings that look incredibly beautiful. 

Stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings are different from popcorn ceilings in that these are flexible ceilings made from fabric or PVC.  Both materials stretch across the room to cover the popcorn ceiling completely and attached to the mounting track installed along the perimeter of the room under the popcorn ceiling. Although the materials are different, the ceilings function in the same way.  It is possible to create an acoustic ceiling assembly using a micro-perforated acoustic PVC membrane or acoustic fabric. To absorb the sound wave, an acoustic absorber made from non-woven polyester or fiberglass is placed behind the fabric or PVC. 

To create an illuminating effect, you must use translucent PVC membranes or textiles that allow some light to pass through, and you can adjust the amount of light by choosing the appropriate translucency level of the material.  Textile fabric materials are more versatile for printing all kinds of designs and ensure installation without any distortion of the printed surface.

Stretch ceilings are eco-friendly and made from non-toxic, recyclable materials that are waterproof and certified for safety. It is easy to change the ceiling whenever you want to give the room a new look.


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