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Things To Consider When Revamping Bathrooms

Keep in mind that the cost of revamping a bathroom ranges from £1,500 to £19,500 and higher, more so for luxury bathrooms. There is also the matter of mental stress about the choices to be made. It starts by setting the budget for negotiating with the contractor. 

Keep tabs on the costs at all times 

While the bathroom may be the smallest room in your home, its renovation can take a good chunk of your bank account. You must set a budget, cut corners on certain less essential things, and keep a close tab on expenses. Keep a journal, if you must. 

You should discuss your budget with the contractor, too, so he’s aware of your limitations. You can also ask for suggestions about cheaper yet quality materials and methods. Hence, you get your dream bathroom at less cost.

Consider the available space 

Unless you’re planning on knocking down a wall, your bathroom will remain as is, size-wise. You must then be clever and creative in maximizing its space, so it feels and looks larger. You should also take precise measurements, so every fixture and furnishing fits the space well, size- and style-wise. 

A few clever ideas for small bathrooms

  • Consider whirlpool baths since these are available in different sizes and provide multiple benefits. 
  • Use vertical storage, particularly the walls, to free up the floor space. Medicine cabinets, metal shelves, and hooks are great ideas. 
  • Install mirrors to make the room look larger. The shower/bath area can be separated from the toilet with a clear glass wall, too. 
  • Use adjustable dividers, such as shower curtains, to divide the toilet and bath areas. 

When designing your space based on its size, you should also consider the overall style of your bathroom. Will it be country rustic or contemporary chic? Will it be in neutral colours or bold, bright hues? You can play around with the ideas, perhaps draw them first, before buying the materials for the renovation.  

Look at the plumbing 

The bathroom should have modern plumbing conveniences, from the showerhead to the taps. Since there are dozens of choices in these fixtures, you should take your time in making your decisions. You may choose a whirlpool tub, for example, which requires more specialized plumbing than a shower. 

If possible, you should let a professional plumber do the job if you don’t have the skills for it. You don’t want your whirlpool tub being mere furniture because it doesn’t have its jets working properly. 

Plan the heating component 

If your abode is within a temperate area, your bathroom should have a heating system. It is a must even when you have a hot/cold shower system and a whirlpool bath in place. You don’t want freezing temperatures as soon as you get out of them. Ask about underfloor heating, the more affordable option. 

Don’t forget the finishing touches, such as the toilet roll holders, since the small details matter, too! 

You spend 30-60 minutes in your bathroom daily. You should take the time to make it more comfortable with a carefully planned renovation.


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