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Renovation Tips for Your Rental Property

With the competition for tenants continually increasing, there has never been a better time to decorate and renovate your rental property to ensure it is as attractive as possible when making tenant viewings. Both location and price are determining factors for a tenant’s property search, but what the property looks like from the inside can highly influence whether they come and view the property at all. If the property has specific paint or wallpaper that they’re not particularly fond of, for example, it can mean you lose the chance to have these tenants in your property.

Below is a list of quick renovation tips to get your rental property ready for viewings and prepared for when your new tenants move in. After all, you want to attract as many potential tenants as possible and get your rental property ready to be let out!

Clean everywhere

While this isn’t a direct renovation tip, it certainly does help to leave a lasting impression on tenants who are viewing your property. Plus, this definitely influences the number of enquires you get on a property when you upload the photos to a website such as Rightmove or Zoopla. The cleaner and more put together your property looks, the more likely you are to get enquires from tenants. Let’s be honest here: tenants don’t want a bad first impression of their potential new home. This goes for the actual viewing as well, and if you’re viewing the rental while other tenants are still living there, then you might want to ask them to clean up before you visit with the prospective tenants. Cleaning isn’t a decoration or renovation tip, but it makes a difference to the way the home looks.

Avoid bright colours

When you’re decorating the rental property, stay away from the bright and bold colours such as yellow, blue, and even green. While these colours can look sleek and modern, not all tenants like colours, especially if they’re a little bold. Staying away from bright colours will open many more doors to tenants who would otherwise leave viewing your property if it did have unique colours. Why is this? Because colour is subjective. We know that mustard and navy are so on-trend right now, and while we love this, it’s ideal to keep away from any trends or personal taste as this can deter tenants.

Keep it simple

As well as avoiding bright colours, keeping decorations and furnishings simple is sure to attract more tenants than a rental property that is cluttered with bits and bobs. For inspiration on elegant and sleek looking properties, RWinvest has a range of beautifully decorated apartments to look at. If you’re curious, they decorate and are inspired by minimalist interior which is popular at the moment. Keeping decoration simple within a rental property also means that the tenants can add their own personal touch, from photographs to canvases. Remember, while you have invested in the property and it is ultimately yours, if you’re letting it out to tenants, the property should remain a neutral shade. A great way to make your rental property more appealing while not using any bright colors is by adding glass room dividers. They can help with preventing sound from radiating loudly throughout the place and also add a unique, functional element to the home. When decorating your rental, you shouldn’t consider personal taste or what you would prefer, instead consider what is best for the majority of people.

Maximise space

Despite what kind of rental property you’re aiming to let out, you have to maximise space. The likes of studio apartments will seem a lot smaller if you clutter them with various objects. In turn, this can be off-putting for potential clients. Instead, keep everything to a minimum and maximise space whenever you can! Not only will the space look better, but it will also seem like better value for money for the tenant who will be paying monthly payments.

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