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Simple and Effective Tips for Proper Maintenance of Floor Care

When investing in a property, you tend to take care of the very minute details, a very important part of which is the flooring. Moreover, with all the latest technologies in existence, you can never get enough of all the trendy designs and materials. Vinyl, ceramic, or marble – the choice is yours and they are yours to keep.

However, the story doesn’t end there. Flooring is, more often than not, a one-time investment and it definitely needs excellent upkeep. The good news: it’s easier than it sounds. Just a little effort on your part can actually add years to the life of your floors. Keep them lasting long, clean, and shiny by just following a few simple tips and travertine refinishing in Las Vegas.

Handy Tips for Effective Floor Maintenance

  1. Be prompt to stain removal – Accidental spilling on your new or old floors is inevitable. More so if you have kids at home, you’d agree it’s an everyday affair. But what’s evitable is the stain hardening up on your floor. Your response to such spills needs to be immediate and appropriate. Always keep some cleaning solutions handy to wipe off any stain in a jiffy – from candle wax to ink blotches.


  1. Make sure you place mats at every door – Floor mats are a must keep at every door of your house, both indoor and outdoor. You don’t want your floor to become a dirt house, with everyone leaving dirt marks off their shoes on your expensive flooring. Let foot mats take up that job and preserve your floors.


  1. Move heavy objects carefully – It’s rare that your floor spaces would be left empty. They’d be bearing the burden of most of your furniture. In addition, you’d obviously be moving furniture at times to change the look of your room, or for other reasons. Take special care while doing so. Moving heavy objects can leave scratch marks on floors and tiles, which are neither good to look at nor can be fixed.


Note: You can even consider using floor protectors to support heavy furniture like sofa sets, beds, wardrobes, etc. This way, there will be no marks on your floors because of placing furniture over them for longer periods.


  1. Keep curtains drawn at certain times – If your rooms invite harsh sunlight during the day, you might want to close your blinds and draw the curtains, especially post noon. Heat and direct extreme sunlight can both cause the color of your flooring to fade away.


  1. Make a regular cleaning schedule for floors – This does not imply just daily sweeping and mopping. Besides that of course, your flooring needs special maintenance in the form of regular cleaning. This could be in the form of vacuum cleaners for hard surfaces and carpeted floorings, or mopping with liquid cleaners on tiled floors. Also, if your house is close to the beach or a construction site, it’s a good idea to mop and vacuum it more often to prevent dirt and mud from settling in.

Using the Correct Mop for Effective Cleaning

Mop is an important prerequisite to starting any cleaning regime. And contrary to what most of us would think, mopping is also an art. Correct mopping technique, and most important, the right mop for your floor can not only add luster to your floor but also years to its lifespan.

Here are a few guidelines on following the correct mopping methods for best cleaning results:

–          Do more of wet mopping – Most of us do otherwise. We either squeeze out the entire mop until its last drop is drained out and then damp mop the floor. The truth is that damp mopping should only be done occasionally in case of removing specific spots or stains. For complete floor cleaning, always wet the whole mop head and apply it on the floor without wringing it.

Also, make sure you use enough cleaning solution during mopping. Wetting and using the mop directly also ensures that an adequate amount of solution is on the floor. Since the floor wouldn’t dry out in spots, it won’t leave marks behind as well.

–          Change the mop head often – Have you noticed how despite daily mopping, your floor still looks relatively unclean? Well, this is because of using the same mop head for a long time so that it gets completely soiled. In this case, the mop wouldn’t be cleaning the floor, rather soiling it further. It’s highly recommended to change the mop head every few months or when you feel your mop is serving against its purpose.

–          Keep changing the cleaning solution – Sometimes a capful of cleaning liquid added to a bucket of water might not be enough for cleaning the entire flooring of your house. If you notice that the solution has become visibly dirty, then you can’t expect the floors to be any cleaner. Therefore, you might need to change the solution once or twice for more effective cleaning results.

–          Choose the right mop – Not just the technique but the type of mop also has an impact on how clean your floors can get. We suggest using looped-end mops or microfiber ones, as against the cut-end mops. The latter may be low on cost but are also low on results. They tend to leave lint particles behind and also gaps in the mop route. Moreover, looped-end mops even last 8 times longer than cut-end ones.

Before you Go

Your floors enhance the beauty of your house; they’re practically the first thing that comes into prominence in the eyes of the visitor. Not to forget, their cleanliness is important to ensure their longevity, considering that they’re a costly affair and you wouldn’t want to get into the messy floor replacement. Follow these simple tips and say hello to cleaner, long-lasting floors. And for best results, consider changing your cleaning technique and equipment as well. They play a big role in determining how clean your floors look. Always go in for branded, high-quality mops.

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