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Should All Overland Park Roofing Companies Offer a Free Estimate? | Guide to Choosing a Roofer Near You

If you shop online for Overland Park roofing companies, you might note that many of them offer free estimates and even no-cost roof inspections. For homeowners who have never hired a roofing contractor before, you might wonder if this practice is typical and if you should expect a free quote or inspection.

To ensure you choose a roofer near you whom you can trust, check out this quick guide of what to look for in a roofing contractor. A few simple steps on your part, before signing any repair or installation agreement, can help ensure you’re happy with that roofing work for years to come.

Should an Overland Park Roofing Company Come to You?

One important consideration is to avoid Overland Park roofing contractors who come to your door unannounced, offering a free roofing inspection or estimate. It’s not unusual for unscrupulous roofers to do this, finding supposed damage on a roof and offering a free quote for repairs. In such cases, they might ask for a down payment on the work and then simply disappear with those funds!

Many such scam artists take advantage of elderly residents who can be convinced easily that their home needs roof repairs. They also might go to people’s homes after a storm, even telling the homeowner that they spotted damage from the street and can perform a more thorough inspection and repairs.

While it’s often tempting to have a roofer who has come to you inspect your home and perform needed repairs, note that a reputable roofer will usually have enough work so that they don’t need to “pound the pavement,” looking for clients! This is especially true after a storm has moved through the area, when many local residents are busy calling roofers for an inspection and repair work.

Do All Overland Park Companies Offer a Free Estimate?

Before deciding if you should accept a free estimate or inspection from a roofing repair company, you might note that a thorough inspection isn’t as simple as a homeowner might assume. A roofer should inspect around roof eaves, dormers, flashing, gutters, and other areas, to spot signs of damage and worn materials.

Roofers should also check inside a home when possible, as water stains, mold, and trapped humidity can alert him or her to roof cracks and leaks. A roofer should also examine vent pipes and features such as skylights for damaged and broken seals, which can lead to water damage.

Because a high-quality inspection requires time and skill, not all roofing companies offer to perform this work for free. However, some might charge a small amount for an inspection and estimate for repairs, and then deduct the cost of that inspection from those repairs if you should decide to hire them.

If an Overland Park roofing company doesn’t offer a free inspection and estimate, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the wrong company to hire. An experienced, high-quality contractor will know the value of their work and expertise, and paying a small fee for an inspection can be a great investment in your home’s overall condition.

How Do You Choose the Best Overland Park Roofing Company?

One important consideration when shopping around roofing companies in Overland Park is that you don’t want to make your decision based on price alone! Experienced, quality roofers know the value of their work, as said, and will charge accordingly.

Investing in an experienced roofer can mean fewer repairs down the road. However, choosing a cheap yet inexperienced contractor can mean a poor-quality job and needed fixes or an entirely new roof sooner rather than later. In turn, you might actually end up paying more over the years when you choose a low-quality roof contractor!

A good roofing company in Overland Park should also offer a variety of roofing materials from which to choose, while still letting the property owner make the final decision. Metal roofing, for example, is typically considered far more durable than asphalt shingles and can last twice as long as shingles, if not even indefinitely.

However, metal roofing, slate, clay tiles, and other such durable materials are also more costly than asphalt shingles. If you simply don’t have it in your budget to invest in a higher-quality material, a reputable roofing contractor will respect your decision and not pressure you into “breaking the bank” for a certain roof material.

Are Reviews for Overland Park Roofing Companies Important?

Researching reviews for Overland Park roofing companies is vital before hiring anyone, or even calling them for an inspection and price quote! While an occasional negative review might be dismissed, if a company has a history of poor or even mediocre reviews, this can indicate that they offer poor-quality work.

When looking at reviews, it’s also helpful to note what is said about a company’s customer service. Is a contractor responsive to concerns, and does he or she answer a property owner’s questions? Do they provide friendly service and ensure they keep mess and disruption to a minimum? If you notice these types of comments, this can tell you that a contractor cares about customer satisfaction!

Why Choose a Local Roofing Company in Overland Park?

One reason to choose a local roofing company versus a national franchise is that roofers familiar with the area will know the best materials to use and can advise on how to keep your roof in good condition. Roofers working for a company located out of state might only offer recommendations dictated by their headquarters, which might not be the best choice for Overland Park property owners!

Hiring a local roofer also means supporting your local economy. A roofing company in your area will also develop strong relationships with local manufacturers and distributors so they can often inform property owners about rebates and other financial incentives.

Keep these tips in mind when shopping around for Overland Park roofing companies. Choosing one with good reviews and strong customer service skills can mean a durable roof overhead that you’ll love for as long as you own your property!




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