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What Pet Supplies Do You Need to Flea-proof Your Pet?

Every pet owner wants to keep his or her pets happy and free from the pesky bothering of fleas, ticks, and worms. Moreover, you also want to keep your home free from the spiraling infestation of fleas. Successful flea eradication requires timely treatment of your dogs with the right line of pet supplies to prevent infestations.

Here’s all you need to know to take control over any flea situation quickly:

Treatment of Pets

The conventional approach towards getting rid of fleas involves concurrent treatment of both the pet and the house. However, revolutionary flea products serve as an effective treatment to nip the fleas in the bud, after which you can take a call whether you need to undertake treatment for your premises.

Prevention is the First Line of Defence

There are several pet supplies for treating pets available in the form of oral medications, topical solutions, sprays, collars, and shampoos. Always ensure reading the labels carefully to know if you are purchasing the right formula for your pet.

While some flea products also control ticks and internal parasites such as heartworms, it is recommended to consult your veterinarian to know about the top-performing products and the right dosage based on your pet’s weight. Here are some popular types of flea medications for pets:

  • Topical Solutions or Spot-on:

This formulation can quickly be applied along the pet’s back or between the shoulder blades. When applied frequently, it controls adult fleas and flea eggs. Some popular brand names include Frontline, Advocate, Vectra, Revolution, and more.

  • Chewable Tablets:
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It is another popular flea treatment product you can administer orally. Within hours of ingesting, they quickly get rid of fleas and, in some cases, ticks. Until the next dose is administered, they tend to retain their effectiveness and potency. As a result, adult fleas can no longer multiply or reproduce and deposit eggs on your premises.

  • Collars

New and advanced collars are another effective way to keep ticks out of your pets. They release flea and tick repellent chemicals in controlled low doses, thereby enabling long-lasting protection. However, it is essential to follow the manufacturer guidelines for the specific product and exercise precautions to avoid other pets from licking it or children from touching it.

  • Shampoo

Pamper your pets while fighting those nasty pests. Apart from other soothing ingredients, most shampoos work effectively to prevent fleas and ticks in the external fur and coat of your pets. They can be used frequently to keep the pet’s fur looking shiny, neat, and clean for an all-round effect.

Stop Future Infestations

Pets are prone to picking up fleas as they travel through the neighborhood, yards, and other places. The best way to prevent a flea infestation is to continuously maintain pets on a safe and preventive treatment regimen of the above-mentioned pet supplies. 

This way, you can ensure infestations never establish themselves. Also, ensure that you regularly clean your premises and yards to keep it free from the deposits of flea eggs. If your home is heavily affected by a heavy infestation, it’s also recommended to use a home treatment product or contact an exterminator.

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