Heavy Construction Equipment That Makes Building a Home Easy
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Heavy Construction Equipment That Makes Building a Home Easy

Heavy construction equipment is a necessity for construction jobs.  It does not matter if it is a home or a large scale construction project; construction equipment is necessary. Construction jobs of different types require construction equipment of various sorts. A given tool cannot do it all!

While one may not need all the pieces of equipment for a given construction job, there are a few tools like a rendering trailer or dump trailers that are indispensable and cannot be skipped.  A majority of heavy construction equipment are designed in such a way that they serve multiple functions. Some of them are listed below –

     1. Dump Trailer – Dump trailers come handy while hauling away debris from the construction site. It is one of the essential tools required during construction and cannot be done away with. 

From excess dirt to large rocks encountered during construction, a dump truck is used to haul them all away resulting in a clear construction site. Debris can be cleaned daily using a dump trailer, thus facilitating easy construction. It is good to have a quick clean up and haul away session a before proceeding to the next step of construction.

     2. Excavator – Excavator is yet another widely used piece of construction equipment used in the industry.  An excavator is a multi-purpose tool used for a variety of tasks such as lifting heavy stuff, dredging of rivers and so on.

Excavators have a long arm coupled with a cabinet. A digging bucket is present at the end of the arm to lift stuff while the cabinet is for the machine operator. The cabin arrangement is usually rotatable up to 360o making the operation painfully easy.

Excavators are generally available in two variants namely both wheeled and tracked forms of vehicles. The builder can select anyone depending on the type of construction project.

     3. Backhoe Loaders – A backhoe loader is also known as a backhoe. Its body is quite similar to that of a farm tractor. The body usually consists of an adjustable shovel in front coupled with a small bucket in the back, generally employed for digging. 

Backhoe loaders qualify as medium-sized construction equipment for small scale construction jobs and serve the job just fine in a limited space performing a variety of operations. Backhoe loaders are capable of moving dirt, backfilling excavations, digging holes along with trenching, and placing pipes.

Backhoe loaders are driven by a wheel, and this is probably the best part about them. They can be used in urban areas with ease and can be driven to any construction or job site as well. The bucket present at the back can be quickly changed to dig trenches of varying widths.

     4. Graders – Graders are also known as motor graders. Graders are employed primarily in the construction of roads and related jobs. The primary task of a grader is to level the uneven soil surface. 

The horizontal blade in between the front and the rear wheel is lowered into the ground while during construction. An operating cabin is also there in addition to heavy wheels.

JCB Motor Graders also come handy while removing snow or dirt from the roads. They are used to flatten the surface of the soil, before laying layers of asphalt for instance. This eliminates any unwanted granules of sand from the ground and makes it even to work upon.

     5. Bulldozers – Bulldozers qualify to be one of the most powerful and reliable heavy construction equipment. A bulldozer is a massive machine used to move dirt or sand granules along large open pieces of land. 

A bulldozer has an understandable construction having a wide and flat blade in front. It is generally operated using a pair of hydraulic pistons that move the blade within a defined range of angles and depths.

A bulldozer is also a piece of multi-purpose construction equipment used to push heaps of earth, or for rough or and grading. The size of the bulldozer is a deciding factor when it comes to seeing what purpose it can serve. Being a piece of heavyweight equipment, A bulldozer can easily crush large boulders, among other operations.

     6. Trenchers – A trencher or trenching machine is used to excavate trenches in the soil. These trenches are further used for a variety of purposes including laying of pipelines and cables. 

Trenching machines are generally available in two variants namely chain trenchers and wheeled trenchers. Chain trenchers have a fixed length arm which has digging chain around. Wheeled trenchers have a metal wheel with a digging tooth. In case the layer of soil is extra hard, wheeled trenchers will serve the job fine.

  7. Telehandlers – Another essential heavy construction equipment used in construction sites is a telehandler. Telehandlers are used for hoisting. The tool is capable of lifting very heavy raw materials to any given height. 

Apart from that, it can be used to give a sturdy construction platform to the on-site workers at comparatively greater heights. A telehandler generally consists of a long telescopic boom that can be raised or lowered or forwarded. Various kinds of setups such as buckets and lifting jibs and so on can be easily attached to the end of the telescopic boom as per the need of the hour.

Thus, these were the top seven heavy construction equipment. A  majority of these are multi-purpose tools capable of serving various jobs very well. Building a home is not something that can be done in the blink of an eye. It requires in-depth research and considerable effort.

In case you are a newbie and have no idea about construction or construction equipment for that matter, it is just that you consult someone who has a sound knowledge of the same and is reliable. Another critical point to note here is that you should compare the cost of service and proceed after comparing them correctly.  Also, before renting any equipment like a rendering trailer or dump trailers, make sure that they are in good condition to avoid any inconvenience later. A trustworthy builder can help you with that.

Author Bio: William L. Vinci is the content manager at warrentrailers.com which specializes in making the best and long-running bodies for the trailers and dump trucks. By using the most modern methods and technology and we have the best results in service of steel dump trailers, aluminum dump trailers, and hydraulic fifth wheels.

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