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Benefits of Filtration in Industrial Applications

Many of the products we buy and use rely on proper filtration of various liquids and gases to be made safely and efficiently. Whether filters are being used to ensure clean air in a manufacturing space or raw materials that are free from debris, they are vital in most areas of manufacturing. Here are a few interesting ways the manufacturing industry uses filtration to improve processes and finished products.

Liquids in Manufacturing

In many industries, liquids need to be filtered as part of the manufacturing process. For example, in beer brewing, particulate can get into the product, which can cause cloudiness and affect flavor and texture. Beer makers can use industrial bag filters VA to filter their beer as it is being brewed, providing a clear, flawless final beverage.

Water is frequently used in many types of industrial manufacturing operations and is often contaminated during the process. Bag filters, often combined with other types of filtration, can support the reclamation of some or all of the industrial wastewater, reducing the usage of fresh water and allowing for safe disposal of any contaminants.

Pharmaceutical Processing

When pharmaceutical products are being manufactured, sterile conditions are of utmost importance. From the air in the manufacturing facility to the liquids and gases used as part of the manufacturing process, it is critical to avoid introducing contaminants. HEPA filters are used to provide clean air in workrooms. Various types of filtration are used to keep pharmaceutical materials clean and safe, through manufacturing and packaging. Redundancy is often used as part of filtration plans to be sure that all unwanted particulate is captured.

Automotive Manufacturing

Many assembly tools used in automotive manufacturing run on compressed air. Ensuring that this air is well filtered can help prolong the life of the tools and avoid introducing contaminants into the manufacturing space. In addition, car parts that are cast and molded require molten metal and plastic that are free from unwanted particulate, as well as molds that are free of debris. Clean air can be used to blow out the mold interiors before casting. Finally, a HEPA-filtered clean room and properly filtered paint ensure that every car receives a flawless paint job as it heads out the factory door.

Thanks to various industrial filtration options, many industries are able to use filters to improve the products they offer. Filters also help remove harmful manufacturing byproducts from waste materials so that they can be disposed of properly.

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