Embracing the Future: Technology and Your Condo

Embracing the Future: Technology and Your Condo

As technology marches steadily onward, there are suddenly opportunities within the condo management industry to streamline processes, increase efficiency and communication, and generally make things easier for everyone involved. Some property management companies are taking to these changes like a duck to water, while others are looking more like…ostriches? Emus to water, maybe? Okay, this metaphor is starting to fall apart, so we’re just going to dig right in and not only explore the technology that’s changing condo living, but also what to consider when embracing it.

Cranking Up Efficiency and Communication

One of the most influential new technologies when it comes to condo management undoubtedly comes to us in the form of web-based condo, strata, and HOA platforms. These online portals offer fast and efficient document access to condo boards, management companies, and residents alike, allowing for better control, sharing, and storage of all condo-related files, while also fostering communication between all parties involved. So much of this sort of work is still done throughout the industry on paper, which, let’s be honest, is just plain stupid at this point. It’s 2018, folks – time to get with the program and get online. Go digital or go home! Not all web-based platforms are built equally, though. Here are some things to look out for:

  • User experience. Is the program easy to access? Is it simple to navigate? Could your 85-year-old Nana find what she’s after? The online portal will need to be one that every resident in the building can navigate, so be sure to pick a platform with a top-notch user experience and easy-to-understand interface.
  • Does it have an app? Computers are so passé. These days, when people want info, they just reach for their phone – so, be sure that whatever web-based platform you’re considering for your building comes part and parcel with a well-designed companion app.
  • Find one that meets your building’s unique needs. Take some time at the next board meeting to ask everyone what communication pains they’re experiencing and be sure that whatever platform you go with addresses these concerns. Every building and board have different issues they’re trying to address, so focus on what matters to your condo community to guarantee engagement.

Web-based platforms are making communication easier throughout condos across Canada, but this isn’t the only example of how technology is changing the condo industry in our country.

Buildings Are Getting Smarter

In addition to technology facilitating faster, more efficient communication between community members, condo buildings themselves are getting smarter, creating a feedback loop that changes the way the industry manages everything from utilities to maintenance. Vibration sensors provide early warning of systems failures and keep mechanical elements running at peak efficiency, saving money in more ways than one. Temperature sensors give notice of any pipes that might be on the verge of freezing or bursting, averting costly damage and pricey clean-ups. The information provided by these “smart buildings” can also help to inform a board’s reserve fund study, allowing for more accurate predictions and planning. As useful as this information is, though, it still requires a human touch to monitor, analyze, and ultimately make proper use of the data being collected – our condo buildings aren’t linked up to SkyNet quite yet!

The future of condo management is exciting, and that’s largely in part to all the new and fascinating technology that’s making its way to the forefront of the industry.

Need help bringing your condo building into the 21st century? Get in touch with best condominium property manager at Catalyst Condo Management, and we’ll be happy to show you how all this new-fangled tech can help make things easier and more convenient for your condo community!

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