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Water Purification Machine: To Get Purest Drinking Water

These machines are suitable for potable drinking water in cities, towns, industries, colonies, and townships. The multi-layered purification technique helps in removing dissolved solids, pesticides, bacteria, and other disease-causing germs.


  • Excellent performance
  • Longer service life
  • Easy to operate

Carbon Steel Borewell Water Purification Machine

For Water Purification, Reverse Osmosis Membrane is used Which Gives Best result for the purification Request. The multi-layered purification technique helps in removing dissolved solids, pesticides, bacteria, and other disease-causing germs. To avail safe and contamination-free drinking water, our clients can rely on our water purification machine. Available in different sizes and capacities, clients widely demand products for domestic as well as commercial purposes.

Storage Capacity: 2000 & 4000 litres.

Product Specification

Type of Purification Plants: Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filtration, Sand Filtration, Softener.

Inlet Flow Rate : 50 l/hr, 60 l/hr, 70 l/hr, 80 l/hr, 90 l/hr.

Water Storage Capacity: 2000 ltr, 3000; ltr, 4000; ltr, 1000, ltr.

Automation Grade: Manual, Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic

The material of Construction: PVC, PP, Carbon Steel.

Stainless Steel Motor (kW): 1kW,…..,4kW,5kW.

There are different types of Water Filter machines are available in the market,

Water Machine Filters

With the assistance of a team of highly qualified professionals, they offer Water filters online. It is used for filtration of water in various applications. The offered product is designed and developed under the guidance of adept experts, and clients appreciate it across the market for quality, smooth function, and cost-effectiveness.


  • Easy to install
  • High functionality
  • No maintenance
  • Compact design

Mineral Water Filter

  • Specification- This is provided for packaged drinking and mineral water plant.
  • Product: RO Plant (Reverse Osmosis Plant)
  • Piping and Fitting with Valves (Raw water Pump to Product water Storage tank)

Stainless Steel Water Filter

A comprehensive range of stainless steel filter cartridge offered with the vast industrial experience. And the stainless steel filter cartridge offered is mainly manufactured by professionals keeping in mind the various specifications and expectations of clients.


  • Compatible with aggressive solvents
  • High-Temperature resistance
  • Easy to use
  • Reusable/ Cleanable
  • Long life
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Wide application
  • Pharma compatible
  • 0.2 microns to 100-micron high flow rates.

Household Water Filter

They are available with excellent quality. Under the supervision of skillful professionals, these water filters are designed using the best quality raw materials and innovative technology in line with set industry standards. Used for a wide range of media like polypropylene, glass fiber, cotton, acrylic fiber, and cellulose, available in various sizes, designs and dimensions.


  • High delta pressure handling capacity
  • Absolute filter rating
  • High flow rate

Portable Water Filter

Quality-oriented organizations focused on providing excellent quality portable water filter.

Carbon Water Filter

While meeting the highest expectations of esteem clients, they provide a broad array of Carbon Water Filters in the market.

Product details

  • Effective in filtering impurities
  • Easy installation
  • Advance filters Resistance to corrosion
  • High strength
  • Improve the odor and taste of water
  • Special Features: Higher Specific Velocity

Ceramic Water Filter

Filters are designed using the finest quality components and advanced technology under the assistance of skilled personnel. These products are tested on pre-defined parameters of quality to provide flawless products. And you can avail this product in various specifications at leading prices.


  • Excellent performance
  • Maintenance-free
  • High strength

Low Height Ceramic Water Filter Candles give clean water with its higher filtration rate. Suitable for all Stainless Steel Water Filters. Very useful in rural areas without electricity and with contaminated drinking water.

Capacity: 1ltr Per Hour

Faucet water filter superior grade UV Water Purifier

These cheap products have low maintenance and service cost.

LG water purifier

LG water purifiers keep water pure and your family healthy always. You can choose LG if you want a safe and healthy water purifier.

  • True RO filtration- Filtered water hygienically preserved in an air type stainless steel water tank. It offers true RO filtration without mixing into the water. This brand provides reliable outside pre-sediment filter. Right RO filtration sediment filter removes dregs prevents contamination
  • Pre Carbon filter- RO filter can remove all forms of impurities from water
  • RO membrane filter- Heavy metals, viruses which are dissolved into the water required in RO filter. RO water should not be mixed with any other liquid to keep its purity intact
  • Dual protection stainless steel tank- Filtered water can be contaminated into a conventional plastic tank
  • Conventional plastic tank -high cultivation of algae high bacteria proliferation rates
  • Stainless steel water tank – Prevention of bacteria proliferation easy cleaning and maintenance and also freshwater taste
  • Ever fresh UV Cycle- Water purifier should offer every new uv cycle it steadily stabilizes the water with 30min sterilization every 6hours and blue light is UV sterilizing indicator.
  • Digital Sterilizing Care- Cleans every path with no chemical treatment.

9 Best Water Filters in 2019

  • APEC Top-Tier 5-stage Water Filter.
  • APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter.
  • CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter.
  • PUR PFM400H Chrome Horizontal Faucet Mount Filter
  • Brita On-Tap Faucet Filtration System.
  • Berkey BK4X2-BB Big Berkey Stainless Steel Water Filter.
  • Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System.
  • Brita Small 5 Cup Water Filter Pitcher.
  • Brita 23.7 Ounce Hard Sided Water Bottle.

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