7 of the best WordPress LMS Plugins for e-learning
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7 of the best WordPress LMS Plugins for e-learning

Online courses have offered a much-needed reprieve to the majority of learners at the comfort of their abodes or workplaces. You don’t have to be physically present in a classroom to take part in your course of choice. While e-learning has cut down considerably on cost, it has admirably accommodated the WP LMS plugins that ensure seamless uploading of content to the online audience. Additionally, video-based online tutorials or courses are known to make some good money hence a prime opportunity for those interested in focusing on one niche.

A learning management system (LMS) equips you with a virtual classroom setting which solely depends on the kind of plugin you go with. In essence, the various plugin tools enable you to create an online class, share content, enroll learners as well as gauge their performance via evaluation. A variety of WP LMS plugins are available in the market right now, but which should your bet be on?

1. LearnDash

Perhaps the most popular plugin in the market right now, LearnDash is a fully-equipped, self-contained platform. It combines the utmost capabilities of speed, ease of use in addition to a wide range of diverse features that ultimately provide an unforgettable experience to your learners. With an enviable array of tools for multi-tiered courses, drip-feeding courses based on a schedule and a lesson timer, this WP LMS plugin is arguably the best of its kind. It also contains the following additional features:

– Automated Emails

– In-depth reports

– Monetization tools embedded onto courses

– Group management and user profiles

– Multisite- can run on a network or as an application

The icing on the cherry in regards to this plugin is the fact that learners can create their own courses using the Front-end Creation add-on feature.

2. LearnPress

This is a plug known for its sheer simplicity. It is absolutely free, unlike other similar plugins. However, if you’d want a compatible and colorful theme to go with it, you’d have to pay a little buck. On the upside, this WP LMS plugin comes with a handy set up wizard to accommodate all realms of member leaners, content drip, grading as well as allows the users to integrate with social networks such as BuddyPress. It further enhances easy creation, exportation, and importation of courses across websites embedded with the plugin. For anyone who wants a free-to-use plugin with no idea of where to start, LearnPress is the go-to choice.

3. LifterLMS

This is a comfortable plugin that incorporates a variety of crucial features. It is relatively easy to create and sell courses online on your website. Unlike its predecessors, you can acquire special services on this plugin ranging from a fully configured site to sample certificates or quizzes. Furthermore, it allows integration of add-ons which can be purchased independently off-site or as a package. Its unique features include:

– Free main plugin, one can come up with a course website free of charge.

– Dedicated customer support such as free training and real-time office hours.

– A fully equipped course builder

– A variety of marketing and moneymaking tools such as coupons.

– A distinct ‘social learning’ tool which seamlessly connects with Facebook for live feedback and reviews.

4. WP Courseware

It is a mildly popular plugin for WP LMS. All you need to do is drag and drop constituents of your site- it is that easy! Courses range from large to small ones, and WP Courseware takes care of the rest of its unique features which are:

– Robust monetization capability which allows you to sell your online courses easily.

– An in-built shopping cart

– It supports multi-tiered grading and user profile for unrivaled user experience.

– A distinct question tank for free samples that enhance quick creation of quizzes.

5. Sensei

This plugin trumps over the rest as far as flexibility is concerned. Powerful yet easy to maneuver around, Sensei inculcates the practices of WooCommerce. Here’s a rundown on why it is an alternative option to the aforementioned plugins:

– Creation of course content is very easy.

– Reporting capabilities that ensure proper grading and student registration

However, unlike most of the other plugins on this site, Sensei only enables selling of course work via e-commerce membership plugins whereas only a limited number of extensions are provided.

6. Master study LMS

A newcomer in the market developed by StyleMix themes, creation and customization of the online course content has never been easier. With ready-to-run demos, this WP LMS plugin is absolutely free and can be used with any other theme including the pro-Masterstudy premium theme that significantly raises the outlook of the plugin. Let’s delve into its standout features:

– Timer countdown that works in real time.

– Messaging and reporting system.

– Generation of authentic certificates.

7. Good LMS

Like all of the previously mentioned plugins, this WP LMS plugin enables you to conveniently develop a course and sell it as enhances quiz answering and certification of students. Furthermore, Good LMS is the cheapest premium plugin with users granted full control of the features even after expiry of subscription timeline. Here are its signature features:

– A unique CodeCanyon page with an array of demos to pick from.

– A rich student backend for results displays and real-time academic progress.

– Retakable quizzes and course badges.


Your taste and preference act as the key drivers when choosing a suitable WP LMS plugin. In hindsight, all of the above plugins stay true to their core functionalities. However, LearnDash is head and shoulders above its colleagues with its endless list of exclusive features. It satisfies every ounce of the customers’ needs with a blend of quality and seamless variety. LearnPress and LifterLMS are honorable alternatives to LearnDash while the rest of the plugins chip in accordingly for affordability, flexibility, and ease of use.

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