6 Stylish Design Ideas For A Small Garden

6 Stylish Design Ideas For A Small Garden

Even though you’d think that avid gardeners dream of having sprawling gardens, it is actually the small garden where one can experience the real joy of gardening. With ever-increasing property rates, purchasing and maintaining a large garden is difficult and unsustainable. Fortunately, tending to a smaller space means you can be creative and intensive in design to bring out the best in your garden. Here are 6 stylish ideas for designing a small garden:

1. Planters Under Your Kitchen Window

While planting a small garden, using every space you can is a good idea. One of the best ways to do this is by installing window boxes underneath your window sill. Available in plastic, wood and stone, these boxes have a range of sizes so that they are about the same width as your window. While choosing a window box, make sure to have it securely fastened and with adequate holes for drainage. You can grow a number of flowering plants in these and have little buds peeping into your window. Not only is this effective gardening, it’ll add an old-world charm to your home!

2. Label Your Herbs with Innovative Signs

If you have a small garden patch, it is a good idea to grow some herbs in neat rows. Not only are herbs like thyme, chives, parsley and basil easy to grow; you can freshly pluck them and add them to your cooking! Soak these seeds for a few hours in water before putting them in the soil. You can even put them in tiny multi-coloured pots. Get matching small custom sign boards made for added charm! Not only will the brightly coloured pots and signs pop against the foliage, your guests will be impressed by the diversity of plants you have growing!

3. Different Flooring Material

One of the most overlooked aspects of amateur gardening is the aesthetic value of having different flooring in your garden. Instead of keeping it a soft green, experiment with a variety of flooring. If you have a very small garden, you can consider building a living wall with hanging vines as your planting area. Cover the ground with pebble flooring for putting out garden chairs. For a larger garden, you can have narrow brick or sand paths separating different patches and creating a walkway in the soil. These variations create a more layered appearance of your garden.

4. Update Your Garage Door

If you are gardening in a confined space, it becomes doubly important to take care of your plants, because diseases can spread far easier. In the same vein, it is important to update your garage door to ensure that harmful gases produced by your automobile do not poison your plants. Plus, with a pot of paint, you can paint your garage door in a variety of bright colours. If you grow lavenders, paint your garage door lavender as well for a freshness of colour!

5. Eco-friendly Hanging Plants

Here is a creative and eco-friendly way of decorating your garden! Drill small holes in the bottom of your plastic containers and cut them up to the midsection. Fill the containers with sand, pebbles and potting soil. Secure the container in a pot hanger, attach a hook and test it for durability. Add succulents like small cacti to this plant and hang it from your walls! This way, not only do you add to nature, you even give back!

6. Portable Seating

It may seem that you can’t have both lounging spaces as well as growing space if you have a small garden. However, with just a little quick thinking, you can have the best of both! Instead of getting garden chairs and a table, pile up cushions and use two sticks to prop up a large blanket. Voila, you now have your very own shelter! You can even hang out a brightly coloured hammock to bask in the sun. Not only can you soak in the sun, you and your furniture can escape unscathed during a spell of rain!

They say size doesn’t matter—and this applies to your garden too! Ultimately, gardening is about your spirit, passion and dedication to careful nurturing. With the right amount of love and care, you can make your garden into a testament of natural beauty.

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