Top Holiday Classroom Decorating Ideas
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Top Holiday Classroom Decorating Ideas

Since winter break is quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about decorating your classroom for the holiday season. The holiday season is one of the most expected periods of the year for many students. They assimilate this period to the moment when they receive many gifts and enjoy happy moments at home and school. On the other hand, in this period, the sky gets dark sooner, and the weather is not so friendly. Thus, students will have to spend more time indoors. If you think from a teacher’s point of view, this period is very challenging. The teacher has to keep the students busy and organize exciting activities for them. Therefore, one of the most exciting events that any teacher can develop for his or her students is to develop a holiday decoration plan for their classroom flapper costumes from Blossom Costumes. You can find santa hats for everyone at Blossom Costumes.

  • Decorate the entrance

An authentic holiday spirit starts from the entrance. When the students arrive in front of their classroom door, they should immediately feel that, once they press the door’s holder, they will enter a world of magic and holiday. Therefore, you can create an engaging activity with your students to decorate the classroom’s entrance door. There are many ideas that you can try, which are also not very difficult to develop.

For example, you can decorate the classroom’s door with the image of a nicely packed gift. You will just need colored paper, usually in red and green, and engage your students in cutting it in the size of their classroom door and stick it so that it looks like a gift. Another great idea would be to use colored paper and draw the face of Rudolf on the door.

  • Ask your students to draw Christmas trees

One of the most popular symbols of the holiday season is Christmas trees. They are not difficult to make, and they look great in your classroom. There are various methods that you can use to engage your students in this activity. “Drawing Christmas trees is extremely easy as long as you show your students how to do it. For example, you can ask them to take a paper plate each to decorate and paint. You can then help them to stick them on the wall and create the shape of a tree,” says Estelle Leotard, a writer at TrustMyPaper and teacher for 1st-grade students.

On the other hand, a tree can be made from different shapes. For example, you can ask each of your students to put their hands on a green paper and cut the paper respecting their hand’s sizes. You can use these pieces of paper to stick them on the wall in the shape of a tree. Therefore, you create the idea of unity and friendship between your students.

  • Build small houses from gingerbread

Gingerbread is another new symbol that reminds students of the holiday season. This idea is in trend every year, and it will always make children think of the sweet taste of holidays. This activity stimulates the students’ creativity and helps them get deeper into the holiday spirit. You can use various methods to recreate this idea. For example, you can show your students how to stick crackers on empty milk or juice cartons. Thus, they will have a nice-looking house in seconds, also having the gingerbread aspect. Once they have created the house, your students will only have to use their imagination and decorate their small gingerbread house as they wish. You can then use their creations to decorate the classroom.

Moreover, you can also bring some gingerbread in the classroom and give it to your students while they are working. They can get inspired while eating something tasty that reminds them that the holidays are next to the corner.

  • Snowmen

What would the holiday season look like without snowmen? The design of a snowman is not difficult to make. Therefore, if your students are small, they won’t have any difficulty in drawing a cute and funny snowman. As long as you have a white paper and some crayons, your students can draw the perfect snowman. You can also make a contest among your students and ask them to draw the best snowman ever.

Once their work is complete, you will stick them on the walls and create the “snowmen community.” You can also take things further and draw the classroom’s entrance door as a snowman. You will need plenty of white paper and some resistant markers to draw the face and decorating elements. All your students can contribute to this activity and come with ideas to create the funniest snowman.

  • Snowflakes

If you want to stay away from decorations commonly associated with Christmas, have your students create snowflakes. Give each student a piece of white paper. Teach them how to fold and cut the paper to create snowflakes. Then, hang them from the ceiling with some string and they’ll add some enchanting dimension and depth to your classroom’s holiday décor.

  • Gingerbread House

Another fun idea for your classroom door is to turn it into a gingerbread house. You can do this on the inside or outside of the classroom. Start with brown kraft paper to create the shape of the house, leaving your door as the door of the house. Cut out circles of construction paper to make hard candies and gumdrops to add the house, and make some candy canes and lollipops to add as well. You can add a paper wreath to the gingerbread house door, and a nice window will add a little depth to the design. Have fun with it.


The basic idea behind the classroom decorating ideas for the holidays is to engage all the students in this action. Any project you would choose will help them learn how to work together and develop their communication skills. Also, you will stimulate their creativity and give them the liberty to design the holiday symbols as they wish.


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