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Transform Your Lounge or Living Room with a Home Video Wall

You may have a desire to change the experience of your home. Transforming your lounge or living room with a video wall is one of the most significant changes you can make in your home. It serves you with both functional and design purposes. It’s for this reason the technology has been in demand not only in cities but also in the suburbs. With a video wall, you can relax at home, and enjoy a movie night without the need to move out. If you operate a home office, the wall can also serve as a communication tool at your convenience.

What makes video walls great?

Before we can continue with the discussion, it is worth noting the basic features of video walls which include;

1. Simple installation and maintenance

Installing a home video is a simple task and requires fewer efforts. The technology also requires little room and is also light in weight. Arranging the modules in the expected configuration is also a simple task. You can install and dismantle it when you feel the need. That reduces the cost of installation involved.

2. High-quality Images

The high pixel ratio and use of cutting-edge technology help in making good quality videos. It also has an adjustable brightness depending on the requirement of the running application. As a result, the video walls appear ideal for use in indoor and retail places.

3. 24/7 hour operations

The video wall frames can conduct and loses heat to the surrounding resulting in cooling effects. That allows the video wall to operate four hours without any problems. The cooling method does also enables them to work with minimal noises. It is for this reason that corporate lobbies, museums, and sales floors consider using these video walls.

4. High Flexibility

One of the reasons why video walls cost you less to install is the fact that it adapts to your wall design. As a result, the only charge that comes along with the video wall is the installation cost. If you’re good with technical things, you can even save yourself this cost by doing DIY projects.

5. Improved Versatility

A video wall is a money saver for you. It serves you different needs, and you can use it as an alternative for such things as home décor, and office productivity segment. These go at a fraction of what these items could cost you. You can use it as a party’s centerpiece, an aquarium in entertaining your guests, or a night family theater within the same day. It has a flexible digital display meaning you can do or display whatever you want.

Point to Note: Price tags will keep on changing from one video wall to the other. The cost varies based on the purpose and size that the product should serve. You, therefore, need to put into consideration these factors.

Types of video walls

Video walls come in a variety of shapes, and that is what differentiates them. Among the popular designs include;

  • The curved screens which are the most popular of all types
  • Flat panned UHD that comes with a 4K display
  • The Flat Panel HD, and
  • The multi-screen System.

Video walls are now in more demand than it was the case in the past. At the buying, it is possible to see the prices hefty, but the products offer long time services. It means that money spent here doesn’t go into waste. The idea here is to choose provisions that will not require you to redecorate your home in the future. Transform Your Lounge or Living Room with a Home Video Wall, and you’ll see its long-term effects.

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