Dangerous Gadgets That We Are Using These Days

Dangerous Gadgets That We Are Using These Days

Gadgets play a vital role in our lives. Most of our day to day activities depend on devices like cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi routers, microwaves, etc. All these gadgets make our lives easy and save time. The tasks that took houses a few decades ago can be done within minutes with the help of high tech gadgets. Moreover, these gadgets help us do more things in less time, thereby increasing our daily productivity.

However, there are many harmful effects of the gadgets that we use in our daily life. The worst part is that we are not aware of these effects, which make us the victims of many present-day illnesses. Let us check some of these dangerous gadgets so that we can minimize their use.


Smartphones have become an essential part of our day to day life. The present-day smartphones radiate harmful rays that penetrate our brain while holding it near our ear. The radiations continue to affect our ears and brain even after we disconnect the call.

Moreover, the sound waves can cause stress, headaches, insomnia, and frustration. Youngsters in the age of 15 to 30 years are the primary users of smartphones, and the harmful symptoms are found in this age group.

Not only the youngsters, but you can also see small children watching videos and playing games on smartphones. Kids are becoming addicted to smartphones at a very young age. The addiction of smartphone prevents them from outdoor games that affect their physical growth and development.

The smartphones that come with fast charging use USB C cable for charging. However, you should not use the phones while charging as they can heat up.


Many people use a laptop for office work and even for working at home. Using a laptop in the office is not a major issue as people place it on a desk. However, most of us place it on our laps while using at home. Laptop releases the heat, causing a matte effect on our skin. The effect is known as “toasted skin syndrome,” which can lead to skin cancer in some people.

Moreover, the light radiation coming from the screen of a laptop is harmful to our eyes. The thermal heat and radiation from the screen affect the retina that can weaken the eyesight can cause severe headaches.




Microwave ovens are a part of almost every home as they cook the foods faster than other methods of cooking. They help us save time and cook foods within a few minutes. People also use it to heat the foods before eating them. However, there are many harmful effects of microwave ovens.

Cooking foods in a microwave can destroy the essential nutrients in them. Cooking vegetables with water in microwave robs them of their nutritional value because the nutrients leach into the cooking water. Boiled broccoli, for instance, loses glucosinolate, the compound containing sulfur that is responsible for its cancer-fighting characteristics.


The young generation is fond of headphones for listening to music and talking on the phone. The sound coming from headphones hits our eardrums directly that can weaken them and cause several other problems. Reputed brands may keep the sound within the harmful limits to avoid and any harm to the users. However, using headphones for long hours are sure to affect the eardrums and listening ability.

Over the ear headphones can press the earlobes and develop pain in them. People working in call centers and customer care industry suffer from headaches due to the pressure of headphones on their ears.




People spend hours watching movies and shows in from of the television. The negative news and violence shown on TV have a negative impact on the mindset of viewers. Moreover, the light from the screen affects not only the eyes but the entire body.

Watching television also reduces human interaction. You can see families watching TV and having dinner without talking to each other, but concentrating on the show. Some family members also fight over to view their favorite programs with the same timings on different channels.

Moreover, the availability of video streaming services makes people busy downloading and streaming shows. They spend less time in outdoor games and activities and more time on TV. Watching TV shows in the night can also affect your sleeping patterns and lead to problems like insomnia and fatigue.

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Wi-Fi Routers

Almost every workplace has Wi-Fi routers for internet connectivity. The radiations of Wi-Fi routers are also harmful to people. In case you work very close to the Wi-Fi routers or Bluetooth devices, the radiations can lead to some physical problems. Although Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radiations are not as harmful as the cellphone radiation, using the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices too close to your body can cause some problems.

Gaming Consoles

Gaming Consoles


Kids and youngsters are fond of playing video games. Some games also encourage violence in youngsters and children. Increased aggression in kids is one of the most damaging consequences of playing violent video games.

An extensive meta-analysis comprising more than 100 study articles has shown that exposure to violent video games is a risk factor causing aggressive conduct to increase. Some researchers claimed that violent video games could desensitize children to violence and reduce the likelihood of pro-social behavior.

Moreover, video games are one of the most addictive habits for kids. Children who become addicted to playing video games can find time for playing them. Also, they spend less time on studies that lead to low performance in academics.

Final Words

These are some dangerous gadgets that we are using nowadays. In addition to these gadgets, many other devices are harmful for us. People need to study the harmful effects of these devices and minimize their use as possible. Parents should not allow their children to use smartphones or watch TV for extended periods.

Although these devices are necessary to use, we should use them only when required. We should take time for outdoor activities, workouts and take adequate sleep to provide exercise and rest to our bodies. Gadgets make our lives easy, but there is a need to pay attention to our stress levels and overall health.

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