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How Digital Impressions are Used in Dentistry


Digital impressions have revolutionized how the dental industry functions. This technology works by taking an impression of the patient’s mouth, including all the hard and soft tissue present. It does this by taking scans using optical scanning instruments as well as laser imaging. The impressions created are thus highly accurate and considerably help the dentist with the procedures. Therefore, it is an easy and effective method of obtaining relevant information about the patient’s mouth.

  1. Used as a replacement for traditional molds

Digital impressions are less messy as compared to a traditional approach which involved the use of a mold. Generally, dentists obtain impressions by inserting a thick paste-like substance into the mouth of the patient. It is left in the mouth for several minutes for the impression of the teeth and gums to form. Unfortunately, many patients feel uncomfortable with the presence of this substance in the mouth. Gagging and build-up of saliva are common complaints when using this method. Moreover, the material also leaves a lingering taste in the mouth. However, with the help of digital impressions, dentists can do away with this method and obtain impressions of the mouth directly. Both cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic plastic surgery can make you more beautiful and boost your confidence so that you can achieve your goals in life.

2. Creating braces

One of the chief and most vital ways that dentists use dental impressions is for props. Braces must fit the mouth of the patient accurately so that the treatment and procedure go as planned. Concerning this, the use of digital impressions allows dentists to not only correctly create the braces but also to fix any misalignments that might take place. In the case of any mistakes, the dentist can correct the digital impression itself and hence see how the product should fit. It prevents the loss of materials as well as ensures that the braces fit perfectly. Thus, it exceedingly reduces the margin of error not just for braces, but for a whole range of other products as well.

3. Checking crowns

The aesthetic appeal of one’s mouth is as significant as overall dental hygiene. Recent studies have found that there is a direct correlation between having beautiful teeth and being perceived as being more successful and confident. It is why people spend millions of dollars getting their teeth fixed.

As we grow older, teeth become more prone to chipping or falling out. Such chipping may also take place as a result of a bad fall or an accident. To fix this, many of us have to get crowns inserted in the area of lower teeth. As with other manual creations, this was generally a long and tedious task. However, with the help of digital impressions, dentists can now easily use the technology for the fitting as well as the alignment of such teeth. As improperly placed crowns or other dental material can cause discomfort to the patient, dentists must get it right the first time. Thus, such technology increases the dentist’s ability to do so.

4. Used in combination with other tools

This primarily refers to the 3d printers as well as X-ray machines that dentists use while performing orthodontic surgery. By using such tools, dentists can create a replica of the patient’s mouth and study the model for any conditions that need addressing. The use of such machines also improves the pace at which treatment occurs. 3d printers are now commonly used by many companies, including those like Invisalign, for the mass production of materials like braces, night guards, etc. Thus, it becomes useful even in the production aspect of dentistry.

5. Saves time

One of the most significant advantages concerning digital impressions is the number of times patients save in the dental chair. Often, people put off visits to the dentist as they do not have enough time for the procedure. Additionally, many treatments often require that patients revisit the dentist multiple times. Thus, it can be a time-consuming process. However, with accurate digital impressions, dentists now have a visual of your mouth without you being physically present and hence can make accurate assessments about the treatment. Availing the service of a no fear dentistry is a must-do for adults as well as children. Oral health is a crucial indicator of the overall health of the body and hence taken seriously. Thus, it is beneficial for saving time and number of visits.


Dentistry is a field that utilizes numerous different technologies for the best treatments and procedures. Digital impressions considerably help dentists not only understand the oral health and structure of patients but also preserves a lot of time for both parties. It also sets apart dentists from each other, making it easier for patients to choose between practitioners. This, combined with the presence of the right qualifications, such as an IV Sedation dentistry, is also extremely helpful when choosing a dentist that is right for you and your family.

Thus, we hope that this article successfully highlights some of the many ways by which digital impressions improve the way dentists conduct their work and improve the lives of their patients.

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