5 Homecare Services After Knee Replacement Surgery
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5 Homecare Services After Knee Replacement Surgery

You might find life challenging when you are recovering from knee replacement surgery, especially when you don’t have a stable support system back at home. For many people, it is the first few days at home that prove to be the most challenging. This is because you will find yourself tired and frequently in pain besides being frustrated as it gets difficult to not only get along but also do your own things.

However, what you need most is the patience of your loved ones as you get to adapt to your new environment. Here are 5 homecare services that you will need after your knee replacement surgery.

For anyone recovering from knee replacement surgery, daily living aids can make the recovery process smooth and more bearable. This is because they not only offer support but also offer great assistance in a wide range of aspects to ensure you get recovery quickly.

1. Pressure Relief Cushions

After knee replacement surgery, you will be sitting for long hours, and this will certainly affect your back, muscles, and spine due to excessive pressure and straining. If this is not taken care off, it might cause discomfort, pain, and injury. However, cushions will come in handy at reducing the stress by providing the much-needed support to your joints and back muscles.

A variety of cushions have been designed to provide support and comfort for those healing from knee replacement surgery and other surgical procedures. As such, you will need to make sure you get the right cushion density for effective support.

2. Foldable Wheelchairs

Pushing around on heavy wheelchairs can be cumbersome and even leave the pusher tired, especially after a whole day of moving about. However, foldable wheelchairs can be perfect for daily transport in and out of the house. Moreover, most foldable wheelchairs are lightweight for easy transport and storage, especially where it won’t fit when fully unfolded.

3. Hospital Tables

After knee replacement surgery, you would probably spend most of your time in bed. As such, you will take breakfast, lunch, and dinner right on your bed, which means that hospital tables will provide you with the comfort you will need to take your meals.

Hospital tables are a convenient and great addition to the daily living of those confined in bed due to ailments. As a result, you will need to pick one that is of the right quality and designed to be durable. Moreover, you will need to pick the one with a top that is not slippery to prevent items from falling.

4. Over the Toilet Aid

Toilets aids are common for everyday living aid for people who cannot squat or sit down on the toilet. Over the toilets, aids are designed in different sizes and shapes, which mean that you need to choose one that suits your needs.

Some of the aids also come with special features like handrails, adjustable heights, as well as extra stability and support, lids, and even rubber non-slid feet. With these features, you will are sure to find the experience comfortable.

5. Bath Chair

Bathing is an important activity for everyone, although it can be a dangerous affair for those recovering from knee replacement surgery, especially when falling is a factor. With knee surgery, therefore, you will need effective support when showering. A bath chair can provide you with stability when showering.

However, you should choose a bath chair that is of high-quality material that will offer you the required stability when showering. The rubberized non-slip feet with drainage holes in the chair are ideal for a shower-friendly experience.

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