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Know the Methods to Find How Many Days After a Period is Safe to Avoid Pregnancy

Planned Parenthood is always the best decision you can ever make. You should know the methods to ensure how many days after the period is safe to avoid pregnancy.

You can become aware of it by simply following these methods.

Fertility awareness method

This method will help you to track your ovulation so that you can prevent pregnancy. The days when there is a massive chance to get ovulate are called fertile days. People identify these productive days to prevent unwanted pregnancy by not having sex. But if you would like to have a baby then you must follow some tips for childbirth.

Few methods can be used as a fertility awareness method.

  1. Temperature method: Body temperature changes each day in a menstrual cycle. Usually, body temperature remains low in the first part and increases sharply during ovulation time. Mostly temperature remains 96-98 degree centigrade in regular days. It becomes approximately 99-degree centigrade during ovulation.
  2. So, measure your body temperature every morning before you do anything and make a chart of it. Keep making the chart for three months. Eventually, you will get the fertile days of you and avoid the days after your period to prevent pregnancy.
  3. Cervical mucus method: Making a chart of types of cervical methods during each day of the menstrual cycle can help to find your safe and unsafe days as well. To do this every day, touch your vagina before you pee and get the mucous discharges in your hand. Feel it by rubbing it with your fingers and notice the changes of colour too. It may be sticky or slippery; it may be crystal clear white or yellowish. Chart what you feel. Generally, right after the period, you will find discharge on your underwear, and it will be dry. These days are safe. The slippery releases usually happen during fertile days. These days are considered as fertile days. It is highly recommended not to have sex during this time.
  4. Make use of calendar method: You may take help of the calendar method as a birth control tool. You may do this with a regular calendar or a period tracking app. To predict it follow the mentioned steps.
  • Find one of the shortest menstrual cycles on your calendar record.
  • Subtract 18 from the total periodic period.
  • Count from the 1st day to the day when your bleeding starts.
  • The next day after bleeding ends is the 1st fertile day.
  • Don’t have sex during these 10-12 days to avoid pregnancy.

Standard days method

This method only works if your cycle is not shorter than 27 days and not longer than 33 days. According to standard day method, it’s unsafe to have sex from day 8 to day 19 during each of your cycles.


If you are following these methods, know that these methods are safe as you are not using any birth control pills. These methods are useful to ensure how many days after the period is safe to avoid pregnancy.

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