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How to Date when You are Over 30 with Children

There is a weird opinion in society, still existing for some reason, that dating is only for young people. So when you are after 30 and have kids, dating is not for you. As reality shows, such opinion should stay in the past for good, because dating is for everyone. It is an amazing source of great experience, of pleasure, of resources to grow your self-esteem and confidence. It is one of the most simple and convenient ways to find your soulmate and to start a relationship, especially in the world of stressful and hard-working people.

When you start dating, being over 30, you can do it for any reason by your choice, anything is good enough. Dating is for you if you want just to flirt with someone, to have an opportunity to go out at weekends, to add an inch of romance in your life, to create a new family. Dating helps to feel loved, cherished, to see that you are interesting and deserve everything in this world.

The best way to start dating is by using online dating services. They are simple, convenient, user-friendly. Dating applications can be easily integrated into your daily routine without hurting any daily obligations and rituals. You can use, for example, Just create an account, fill your profile and start looking for a potential partner anywhere, in a grocery, in traffic, in the subway, while cooking dinner, any moment is comfortable for you. The best thing about online dating is a huge audience at the websites, that provides you amazing choice. So you can set your own criteria and start looking.

Here are some tips and hints that will make dating a pure joy and success.

  • Don’t consider your age and your children as a disadvantage. Some people would see your position as a failure to save a solid family. This opinion is extremely wrong. You have all the right to be happy, to have a relationship, to be praised, and loved. When you start dating someone, it’s you who accept this person into your family, which puts you in a strong position.
  • Don’t be afraid of failure. It is one of the strongest fears, related to dating. And it’s okay to communicate, to chat and flirt with a lot of people, looking for your specific match. Sometimes yes, you need to be lucky. Don’t agree with half-measures, try to find a person who would be truly able to make you happy.
  • Don’t involve kids too fast. It will be much easier for you, your date and your children to be separated for a while. Kids can become attached very quickly and if you will understand at some point that this is a wrong person, it will be a disappointment for everyone. Don’t hide your family, but let everything go its way, to evolve naturally without any rush.
  • Rely on your experience. Being over 30 you are still young, but you’ve already faced some troubles and overcome them. The best thing you can provide is your experience. Don’t be afraid to show it or to share it, to show that you have memories and something behind. Make it a motivation to move you forward, to inspire, to see even more, and feel even more, but with someone beloved.

Both offline and online dating is an amazing opportunity to know yourself better, to cherish and praise all the best in you. Don’t forget that your comfort is a priority and happiness of your kids should be a guiding star. And, without any doubt, in the end you will find your happiness and true love.

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