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How You Can Relax During Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

As the name suggests, deep tissue massage is stroking and kneading your deep tissue, tissue deep beneath the muscle layer. The usual massage considers superficial muscle, but below this muscle lays the connective tissues which need to rebuild to release the tension formed in the muscles.

The massage starts with the preparation which comprises light strokes and soothing massage of muscles; once you pass this stage, then start applying intense pressure and hard kneading to reach the deeper tissues. The intention is to reach as far as an accessible layer of tissues lie. This is a form of wellness treatment.

Mostly, receptors of deep tissue massage are sportspersons who tend to get deep injuries or the IT professionals who sit all day long at their desks. In both cases, muscles both become stiff or injured; and ultimately lose their flexibility. To remove the adhesion, it is required to go beyond the superficial layers of muscles and go deeper as long as the body allows. This technique might not be all fluffy and soothing and may cause pain at times, be ready for them; but at the same time, keep following things in mind to avoid any unwanted consequences:

  • Tell your therapist when it hurts

It is okay to say you are hurt. Deep tissue massage is all about intense pressure and extreme kneading of muscles but, what if your body is not ready yet. If you simply bear the pain, thinking it to be a part of the therapy, it may cause bruises or even lead to a hairline crack. So, never go beyond your capacity, let the therapist know your limits. In that case, you will have to go for more prep sessions. Until and unless you are prepared for this therapy, it’s better to stay away, as it can cause more harm than benefits. You can have a one on one session with your therapist explaining your needs and limits to avoid any miscommunication.

  • Breathe

Keep yourself calm, do not exaggerate the pain. You do not have to go beyond the limits, but give it some time and challenge your limit to the extent you can. The best way to stay calm is to breathe, inhale deeply, through your nose and exhale slowly through your nose. Repeat the steps for at least 10 times, monitor the breathing process, feel it, close your eyes and you can see the air molecules around you.

Feel how oxygen is entering through your nostrils and is expanding to your blood through capillaries. After getting filtered through your heart, feel, how the carbon dioxide is leaving your body taking away all toxic waste and finally has left your body through the nostril. This whole procedure will help you relax down. Do it at your own pace, no hurry, take it slowly.

  • Improve your posture

No matter how regular you are with deep tissue massage sessions, the condition will not increase unless you work on the reason behind your ailment. Improve your posture, sit properly with a straight backbone, get rid of that hunch while standing, and watch your steps while walking. Do not drag yourself, infuse some energy to your soul and make your posture perfect. This will help the treatment to work faster and more efficiently on your body. The pain will go away and will never return if you maintain the energy and the correct way of living.

  • Exercise regularly

Exercise is another important, not to miss, remedy for muscle strains. Deep tissue massage can break the strain in your muscles but to maintain that condition, you will have to exercise. A body with exercise can feel the soothing effect during deep tissue massage because the body is already prepared for the massage, the harder way. During the massage, open your heart by taking your shoulders at the extreme back. Release tension between eyebrows, close your eyes slowly and smoothly, lay down straight, do not clench your fist and muscles, and let the blood wander through each part of your body from head to toe. Relax and enjoy the session.

  • Drink plenty of water

It is said that “Water is Life”. This statement is very true as no life can exist without water. Intake of water is inversely proportional to health issues caused. Deep tissue massage helps nitrogenous waste to leave the tissue and drain into the kidney. Drinking plenty of water will help flush the toxic waste out of your system. It is one of the most important pre-requisites to drink plenty of water before you book for mobile therapist for deep tissue massage and drinking plenty of water afterward is important as well. It will help detox the body and will help you feel lighter and better.

  • Trust your therapist

Last, but certainly not the least, have faith in your therapist. Communicate your concerns to him/her but, at the same time, listen and evaluate what he/she says. Do not be adamant about your choices. He/she is the experienced one, knows what exactly needs to be done and will make the best out of the situation.

To summarize, deep tissue massage might hurt at the instance, but it is not meant to cause pain instead is to treat the aches hence, in the long run, it will be very beneficial for those who get regular spasms or have incorrect posture. Keep the above-mentioned tips in your mind while you go for one of these massage sessions next time and feel the magic. Leave yourself in the hands of an experienced therapist, trust them, they are well equipped and at your service. Relax and enjoy the session, don’t let your mind wander, keep its rein in your control; focus on your body, let the world pause for a moment while you take this wonderful experience to revitalize yourself. After a deep tissue massage, you should relax on your adjustable bed to get the most health benefits.

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