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How to Plan Your Home Refurbishment This Winter

This winter is likely to be a little different from the winters we’ve known in the past. The coronavirus looks set to disrupt some of the events and the gather places we hold dear, which means that we’re likely to retreat into our homes that bit more in the coming months. But, as well as giving you an opportunity to spend some good old-fashioned alone time with your family, this is also a wonderful chance to redecorate or refurbish your home. Here’s how you can plan your winter makeover in the comfort of your own home.


Your first port of call is always the budget that you’re able to set aside for your home refurbishment project. Do you have a lot of cash rattling around in your bank that you’re excited to spend on a total home makeover, or are you looking at making smaller, incremental changes to your home? Look up the costs of materials and labor in advance in order to attribute a price to each of the elements you’re planning on changing in your home. With a strict budget, you’ll know how much you can afford to change this winter. 


If you’re still working from home, as many families continue to do, then you’re going to find work on your home is potentially disruptive to your working day. This is an important consideration to bear in mind – and something that you should plan in advance of booking in a tradesman and getting materials purchased online. The best way to plan a home refurbishment is to take each room at a time and to slowly work your way through your home as you see fit. Don’t up-end your whole domestic set-up, as this will prove very disruptive and difficult for your family to work with. 

Finding Materials

All good home refurbishments are based around the materials that you’ve sourced to make your home look that bit better. Increasing the value and comfort of your home is all about finding hard materials that are going to last – going the distance despite the wear and tear that a family subjects their home to. To get planks for floors and cupboards, you want to order wood veneer that’s both durable and aesthetically to-die-for – and the same can be said for hard-wear carpets and other essential materials forms which you’ll perform your home refurbishment. 


A final tip, and this is another coronavirus imperative, is that you should consider performing a lot of the work on your home yourself. Not only will this save you some cash in the long-run, but it’ll also enable you to learn new skills and keep yourself occupied, as the winter forces you, in any case, to spend a good deal of time on your own. If you don’t have the tools in your home, send out a call on social media to see who can lend you the tools you need to do it yourself as you plan your home redecoration this winter.

Get the ball rolling with your home renovation with the above tips.


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