What Your Hair Says About Your Health

What Your Hair Says About Your Health

Everyone has experienced both good hair days and bad hair days at some point. But if you’ve noticed alarming, unusual or persistent changes in your hair lately, it might be trying to tell you something about your health. Here are a few things the condition of your hair can tell you about your overall health:


Excessive Shedding

Have you ever taken a shower and been alarmed at the amount of hair that has accumulated in the drain after you’re done? Or have you woken up to find dozens of strands of shed hair stuck to your pillow? Excessive hair loss can certainly be worrying. You might be suffering from some nutritional deficiencies, or an underlying medical cause. It would be wise to get tested for thyroid disease, anemia and possible Vitamin D deficiency.


In the meantime, excessive hair loss can also be a source of embarrassment. While you’re having tests done to determine the cause of your hair loss, you might want to disguise any bald spots or bare patches with the help of hair extensions. True Glory Hair offers Brazilian deep wave bundles that offer beautiful volume and body, so no one would ever know that you’re struggling with falling hair.


If you have naturally straight hair, you might want to opt for the Brazilian straight bundles instead. When shopping for hair extensions, make sure to invest in high quality pieces made from real virgin hair, so they look, feel and move just like natural hair. As anxious as falling hair can make you feel, wearing hair that looks obviously fake is also quite embarrassing. True Glory Hair bundles not only look real, but they are also well-made and durable, so they can withstand frequent use and styling.

Very Dry Hair
Naturally curly or textured hair tends to be drier than straight or slightly wavy hair. Due to its texture, it loses moisture more easily. However, if your hair is extremely dry and remains so year-round, you might be lacking healthy fats in your diet.

Fats tend to have a bad rep, but in reality there are good fats and bad fats. Good, healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil and salmon are essential to your diet because they promote healthy skin and a healthy scalp. This in turn helps breathe life into your hair strands and helps them stay moisturized and hydrated.

If you struggle with overly dry hair, consider adding more healthy fats to your diet to improve your scalp’s condition and promote healthier hair growth.

If you’ve started to notice white or yellow flakes in your hair, on your shoulders or clothes, or even on your eyebrows, these are strong signs that you might have dandruff. Dandruff is a very common chronic scalp condition, and doesn’t usually indicate a serious health problem, but it can be very uncomfortable to deal with.

Besides the embarrassment of having white flakes constantly falling on your clothes, dandruff can be very itchy and cause you to frequently scratch your head. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to treat with over-the-counter specialty shampoos, or with a prescription-strength shampoo.

It’s worth seeing a dermatologist about your dandruff problem, as they can prescribe the right shampoo for you to treat it. You might also suffer from a condition called seborrheic dermatitis, which is caused by an overgrowth of yeast and results in itchy, irritated skin that flakes. A dermatologist will be able to properly diagnose your condition so you can get the right treatment.


Sometimes a bad hair day is just a bad hair day. But if it seems like all you’ve been having bad hair days every single day for about a month, it’s time to get checked up and rule out any underlying health conditions.

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