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What Makes Your Bathroom Luxurious?

After a long day at work, you may think of enjoying a hot bubble bath with some music and candles to rejuvenate your mind and body. Nothing can beat the feeling of unwinding in a shower or bathtub while immersing yourself in the aesthetics of your surroundings. What can make you feel better than your high-end bespoke bathroom, particularly the one with a gorgeous Instagram-worthy view?

Having a modern luxe bathroom is a dream of almost every individual. But have you ever wondered what exactly you need to make your bathroom feel luxurious? Well, if you can install the following into your modern bathroom design in London, you can quickly get that gorgeous bathroom you’ve always dreamed.

Freestanding Bath

Nothing can make your bathroom luxe unless you have a freestanding bath. It appears like a masterpiece in the middle of an art gallery, except this one is for your daily SPA routine! When selecting a freestanding tub, look for something no less than an art piece. A bathtub with a unified design will instantly take your bathroom interior to the next level while adding a touch of extravagance to the given space.

Generous Space

For enjoying a luxurious modern bathroom, you need generous space. Extra space makes your bathroom special. Having enough space would mean you can easily display desired items and plan any layout you wish.

However, you can make a small bathroom unique too. You can make your small washroom appear bigger by going for minimalist, neutral tones that make any space very cool and prominent.

Smart Layout

A smart layout is necessary for creating a well-organized luxury bathroom. When you enter a well-organized luxury bathroom, everything seems to be in the right place. There must be enough space to relax, put your clothes away and relax and read your book while soaking your body.

Stunning View

A stunning view makes a luxury bathroom complete. Just imagine dipping in a bathtub, overlooking an enormous ocean or pristine mountains. So, when designing a modern luxe bathroom, it’s essential to consider the outside view as well. It will be a cherry on the cake!

Luxury Finishes

A luxury bathroom is also not complete without luxury finishes, such as excellent timber, marble and metal. You must understand both the pros and cons of all the materials you’re considering for your bathroom. Once you have found the material of your choice, it’s best to consult your interior designer to create a perfect bathroom for you. Your interior designer will ensure that you appropriately use the luxury finishes so that it feels just right – NOT over-designed or overwhelming!

When thinking of metal for handles or floor inlays, it’s best to choose materials like bronze and stainless steel that appear chic and minimalist at the same time.

Mood Lighting

With the right mood lighting, you can achieve perfect relaxation in a luxury bathroom. The proper lighting can set your mood and atmosphere. When installing automatic lighting, make sure that it enables you to change it from a fully lit bathroom to romantic or darker theme with the click of just one button. You must have reasonable control over the mood lighting.

Adding an Edge

Want a modern luxury bathroom with an edge? If so, add the right contrast of dark and light surfaces to create a chic appearance. A different design is the best way to make any bathroom stand out and edgy with additional luxury touches.

Bathroom for Two!

Want to create a perfect luxury bathroom next to your master bedroom? It’s an excellent idea for a romantic couple. You can install double basins with a large mirror so that you can get ready together without any inconvenience.

Some couples also like the idea of opting for two luxury bathrooms rather than one. But we want one substantial modern bathroom with double sinks. What could be more romantic than dressing up together like Hollywood movies?

So, these were some exciting ways to create luxury GSI bathrooms in lavish homes. Opt for any one, two or all of these tips to have an excellent relaxation experience every morning/evening.

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