What are fire doors and why they increase your safety
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What are fire doors and why they increase your safety

Fire doors are fire resistant doors that prevent the spread of fire, confining it to a particular area for a specific period and hence slowing down the progression of the fire. They give residents the building plenty of time to evacuate in case there is a fire in the premises.

The global fire door market has increasingly gained popularity with a value of USD 10 Billion in 2017 as a result of the strengthening of building safety laws over time and growing awareness about fire safety measures in the consumers. Besides, increased spending on construction worldwide with the industry expected to reach a value of USD 15.88 trillion by 2024 (World Bank) is also proving to be an impetus to demand of fire doors.

Rising demand for fire doors has not only motivated retailers to boost their sales in the market but has also driven them to find new ways of selling; e-commerce and through third parties. Retailers such as Online Door Store have taken the liberty to explore avenues such as e-commerce to boost their sales. Being an online website, Online Door Store, has managed to garner a prominent place in the online furniture market by not just reaching a broader audience but also offering them a wide variety of door styles and designs including fire, internal and external doors.

Producers of fire doors are now indulging themselves in research and development to allow themselves to offer their buyers a wide range of fire doors with different properties such as size, colour and production material. Consequently, consumers no longer have to worry about not finding the right fit for their home design.

Here are some of the questions the answers of which will help you out in understanding the importance of fire doors and buying one for yourself!

Where to place your fire doors?

Modern-day regulations are strict when it comes to the placement of fire doors in home design. It is a good practice to use fire doors to separate areas which are at a higher risk of fire in a house such as a kitchen and a fireplace.

For how long can a fire door resist fire?

Different doors may vary in time of resistance to fire. For instance, doors being sold at Online Door Store are FD30 rated which means that they may buy you thirty minutes of time allowing you to evacuate. However, some doors may provide resistance of up to 3 hours, but such doors are mostly used to separate large areas such as two buildings.

How to ensure good quality?

When purchasing fire doors, it is essential that proper research is carried out on the quality of the product. It is worthwhile to buy from a reputable retailer who has adequately tested products approved by an official authority and can also provide you with the certificate as proof. An example of such a body is the British Woodworking Federation.

How much will a fire door cost?

While a range of different prices for fire doors are available in the market but you should expect yourself to be paying 10-20 more than the standard indoor or outdoor doors.

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