Tips to take care of your wooden furniture
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Tips to take care of your wooden furniture

If you’ve got wooden furniture of a decent quality, it can last you a lifetime. In fact, it can last even more; as wooden furniture pieces are often passed down to one’s heirs, becoming a cherished family heirloom. But if you don’t maintain these items properly; you’ll find them quite prone to abrasions and scratches.

Naturally, the ways you should take care of your wooden furniture differ depending on what kind of piece we’re talking about. That’s why the best course of action is inquiring for maintenance instructions when you buy the furniture in the first place. Regardless of that, though; there are some ways you can generally maintain any wooden furniture – and we’re here with a couple of suggestions!

Avoid Mistreating It

Once you decide to properly take care of your wooden furniture, you need to realize something; that’s not a one-time type of thing. If you want the furniture to last you a long time, you have to constantly keep its well-being in mind. That’s why you should make sure to constantly put mugs or glasses on coasters; that’s important for the preservation of wooden furniture. Also, if you need to put down some hot food, make sure you’re not placing it directly on the table. Use a potholder or trivet to protect the furniture from the heat.

A wooden surface

That goes for any wooden surface or item, really; especially the part regarding coasters. For example, if you’ve got a piano – be very careful what you place on the top of it. Don’t forget yourself and use it as a temporary table. Sure, you can set down a drink on it; but only with a coaster or some other sort of protection. And if you decide to relocate your cherished instrument, take all the needed precautions to make sure it doesn’t get damaged in transit. For tables, no matter how much you don’t like it in a decorative sense; we recommend using tablecloths.

Avoid Environmental Problems

While you take care of your wooden furniture, don’t forget just how much havoc the elements can wreak on an item made out of fine wood. If you hire a company like Moving Kings Van Lines FL for the relocation of wooden furniture, make sure to cover and protect the pieces properly. But it’s not just taking care of the items while they’re outside; environmental damage can happen even while you’re just placing the items in your home. For example; you don’t want to set down valuable furniture next to a window that’s not covered with curtains or blinds. Remember – constant exposure to light can damage fine wood.

A wooden desk with office supplies and a lamp on it.

The same goes for heat, obviously. As you might’ve already realized on your own, the last thing you want is to place a fine-crafted wooden table next to a fireplace. Even if it doesn’t sustain any direct damage, the wood will become more and more faded as its exposed to heat on a constant basis. Sure, all of this protective feng shui may seem a bit excessive; but if you want the furniture to be preserved as long as possible, it’s a necessity.

Frequent Dusting

For those keen on proper maintenance of wooden items, there’s one other thing you need to do if you want to take care of your wooden furniture. And that’s dusting! Sure, we all hate dusting around the house; all chores are boring, but that one definitely takes the cake. Though, it’s one of the best ways to make sure your furniture isn’t in danger of long-term damage. But why is dusting so important? Mainly because dust is composed of tiny airborne particles. And over time, if you don’t dust, these start to create a layer on top of your wooden surfaces. On a micro-level, these scratch the surface, making it far more susceptible to other types of damage.

A dusty, scratched wooden table.

Also, if you’re dealing with outdoor tables, make sure you wipe them using only soft materials; such as cloth diapers, cotton, or microfiber. If you’ve got a duster with lambswool, that’s excellent for cleaning items with ornate carvings; these can be very tricky because dust can gather in the nooks and crannies.

Keeping The Wood Clean

In certain cases, it’s not enough to just dust your wooden furniture. From time to time, because of acute stains or other issues, you may need to further clean the surfaces in order to take care of your wooden furniture. If you want to do some proper maintenance, make sure you’re not using cleaners that are labeled as all-purpose.

These usually contain some stronger chemicals, which can do permanent damage to your wooden furniture. For a spot or stain that you just can’t get rid of with usual methods, just soak your cloth in some mild detergent for dishes that’s mixed with water. Then, proceed to gently wipe the affected area. And afterward, don’t forget to rinse the area using just water, so no soap remains on the surface. In the end, wipe the area with a dry piece of cloth.

Protecting The Wood

If you want to permanently take care of your wooden furniture, you may want to use certain kinds of protective sprays and polishes to take care of it; plus, you’ll give the wooden items a shiny, fresh look. Though, while doing so, make sure you’re not putting on too much of the aforementioned products. If you’re not careful, you may end up making a buildup that will mix with dust and dirt – requiring additional cleaning down the line.

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