Some Awesome DIY Indoor Gardening Tips

Some Awesome DIY Indoor Gardening Tips

Having an Indoor Garden can enlighten your house and can give it a new life. Gardening is one of the stress busters that can even help one combat serious problem like depression. So you cannot underestimate the power of gardening.

Gardening is a hobby which requires a lot of your investment not in terms of only money but also of your time and efforts. But just having a liking towards indoor gardens will not serve the purpose. Just a plain garden is out of place nowadays. There needs to be a display of creativity at every corner of your house.

If you wish to have creative indoor garden plants from All Green Nursery space then you are on the right page. We can help you with a lot of innovative and beautiful ideas that can help you in living your hobby to the fullest. We can also help you in understanding the value of various old stuff that you were about to throw in the trash.

We can give you some amazing indoor garden designs and decorations which will completely transform the look of your home. The key is to reuse the old stuff by giving them a complete makeover. Keep reading on!

Ladder Shelf

We do have many junk items at our houses which we never intend to dump. So what if you can make something new out of it? Ladders do get fragile over a period of time. Many times we just dump it in the back yard because we can’t find something useful out of it. So this is your first idea! Reuse your old ladder into something really amazing this time. Ladder Shelf can be an idea for you. A ladder shelf is basically an extended foot holder ladder that can accommodate your smaller sized flower pots. All you require here is a wooden ladder. You need some ply pieces to extend the ladders to be able to hold the pots and you’re in house garden is ready! It is not necessary that you keep this ladder shelf in your garden only. Try placing it at the entrance of your home to enlighten your house a bit more. The other place where you can place this is the living room. This can be a photo décor for your room! Think over it!

Mason Jars

We all have a whole lot of mason jars with us at our homes. Don’t we? Mason jars generally either lie idle or get thrown away in the trash. So instead of throwing them away why not use them as small pots to plant saplings. Many people have started growing herbs in them. You too can try this method for your beautiful kitchen or indoor garden. You can make a separate place for them in your home. You can place them over your modular shelves to give them enough air and sunlight. You can also try to do some glass painting on these mason jars. This can give a complete transformation to these ordinary looking jars.

Golden Flower Pots

We do many colorful pots at home. But finding all the pots of a single color is quite difficult. Also having regular colored pots is a passé now. Why not give a makeover to your regular flower pots. You can do this by painting a very unique shade of color to these pots. Go for a color which stands out in the crowd. I would suggest a golden color for this purpose. All you need is a golden or metallic paint and some painting skills. Pain your regular pots into exotic metallic color and place them in your drawing room. Your interior will get a new look. Wonderful isn’t it? Now comes the major question of placing these pots. So you can have two to three options in this. You can place these golden pots in your living room right in front of your seating arrangement. This will add to the décor of your living room. You can also place these pots by creating a special place in your bedroom. For this you must make sure that the plants are appropriately shaped. As over grown plants might look out of the place in your bedroom! The third place is at the entrance of your house.

Plant Stands

Old plant stands can also be reused in your house as the fashion of plant stands have returned back. You need to give the plant stands a fresh color and some touch-up. If you don’t have enough plant stands, then you can simply buy some from the local market so complete your collection. You should place them in a line or any other order with a similar category of plants like flowering plants or just show plants. You can place plants either randomly or in a set pattern in order to give it a sophisticated look. I would suggest that you should go for flowered pattern plants and arrange them in a particular order. This will sprinkle beautiful colors in your garden area. If you refer the show case plants then go for the plants which are of medium height. You can also place some of the medium-sized pots inside your house.

These were some very easy DIY ideas for your indoor garden. Before starting any work on this you should first study and analyze the room space and the place for the garden. Many houses allow keeping pot racks inside the rooms. However, some houses have an open area in the balconies. If you have a terrace balcony, then you can do wonders with your creative mind. Try arranging the pots in such a way that you can utilize the entire space properly. Try to place the smaller pots in moderate sun light as over exposure can ruin their texture. And the larger pots in the open sunlight areas. Plants like the lily rose, and sunflower requires a good amount of sun light to flourish properly. Hope this will be of help for you. Happy gardening!

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