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How to Sell Your Essex Property Faster

There are many reasons to need to sell your Essex property quickly. You may have spotted your ideal home on the market and you want to be the one to buy it. You may want to sell your home in Essex so you can move to a different part of the country with your job. Or you may simply need a change and you want your property to sell fast.

Here are some top tips from estate agents Essex experts to improve your chances of selling your Essex home as quickly as possible. 

Make Your Home Smell Good

This tip doesn’t mean you have to overwhelm any potential buyer with a powerful air freshener. In fact, this can be as off-putting as a foul odour to many people. The idea is to remove any bad smells in your home (and we all have them, from pet smells to old carpet odours) and neutralise the overall odour of the house so that people are not put off by strong smells. Not everyone likes lavender and the smell of baking bread is overused in property sales. Deep clean your house instead to make it smell good. 

Refresh the Paint

Present your Essex home in the best possible light with a lick of paint. Redo the grouting around tiles and reseal windows to give your property a cosmetic boost. This acts like a facelift for tired-looking spaces and doesn’t need to cost you much money. Use neutral coloured paints and stick to universally appealing décor schemes so you don’t alienate people whose tastes may not be similar to your own.

Keep Outside Noise to a Minimum

Most people want to live in a peaceful space but this is tricky in many areas of Essex. You may not be able to avoid all external noise inside the house, but you can make things quieter. Double glaze your windows to keep things tranquil inside your property. You could also look at installing soundproof fencing. Arrange viewings for quieter times and if it is not possible to avoid rush hour, make sure the agent tells prospective buyers that it is not always that noisy. 

Enhance the Light

Lack of light is one of the main reasons people immediately turn against a property, no matter how strong its other specifications. Let as much light in as possible to sell your Essex property faster. Low light or harsh light affects mood levels and energy. Try to get rid of any unnecessary curtains or blinds and don’t block windows with furniture. Make sure you have bulbs in all lights and that you use warm light rather than overhead fluorescent or LED illumination.

Tidy Up

It surely goes without saying, but many people still put their homes on the market without giving them a thorough tidy-up and clean. Buyers are looking at properties trying to imagine them living there. They will find this harder to do when the space is filled with clutter. Keep your home clean and clear and well-maintained, with plenty of open space if possible. 



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