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Plumbing Pipe Basics | All You Need To Know

Understanding the basics of plumbing is essential for every homeowner. Knowing how to repair minor leaks may save you hundreds of dollars each year. With a little bit of effort, you can find online all the information you need to fix minor issues in your household.

Plumbing basics

The plumbing system in your house consists of two separate subsystems. A water supply system is the one that allows fresh water to your house. There are four types of water distribution system. However, they all supply your house with a certain amount of clean water. The amount of water you’re going to get depends entirely on you. When you turn the tap on, you allow the water to run out through the spout.

The second subsystem is the drain-waste-vent system. This system allows the water waste to leave your household through the pipes that go under your sink, toilet and other appliances. Sewage water travels from one’s plumbing system to a sewer or your septic system.

Plumbing basics

The plumbing systems on your private property

Every hose has two main plumbing systems. One is installed in your kitchen and the other one in your bathroom area. The first one is hidden in the walls, and it brings both cold and hot water to the fixtures. Dealing with kitchen pipes is not recommended. If you’ve handled leaks in the walls before, you should try to fix the problem alone. If, on the other hand, you have no experience with these issues, it’s better to call a plumber as soon as possible.

The plumbing system in your bathroom is slightly different. Hot and cold water are coming from different pipes. Pressure enables water to flow. If you ever experience problems with water pressure, call the plumber right away. The reason why you shouldn’t try to fix it by yourself is that you can cause more damage if you’re not an experienced professional.

Maintenance and repair

Finding quick solutions to your plumbing issues is essential for various reasons. Leaks can cause structural damage if you don’t react on time and invest in potential solutions. Investing more time and money in renovation projects to fix the damage is not in your interest. Teach yourself how to fix minor leaks, but don’t hesitate to call a plumber when needed. If you experience regular problems with hot water pipes, high-quality hot water repairs and checkups are necessary.

Try to give your pipes an inspection at least once a month. If you get an unreasonably high water bill, a maintenance check is necessary. Mould and mildew around your appliances are another sign of potential leaks. Schedule inspections if you want to make sure you never miss a leak that can cause a lot of damage.

Maintenance and repair

Equip yourself and learn how to stop the leaks alone

The reason why maintenance is important is that it prevents expensive plumbing issues. Once you learn how to unclog the pipes and repair other similar problems, it will be easier to keep your water systems in good condition. 

Baking soda and vinegar work great together when you need to unclog a slow drain. This mixture will clean the grease and minerals, which will prolong the life of your pipes. Empty water boilers at least two times a year and ensure you insulate your pipes during winter.


Some homeowners have to deal with the leaks at least once a month. Instead of calling a plumber to fix the broken pipes, invest in basic tools and learn how to rely on yourself. You will be able to fix some of the most tenacious leaks in your household. The money you’d spend on a repair can go into your savings account. You can use that extra money for other home maintenance solutions.


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