Moneyline Betting Explained

One of the simplest bets is on the OkBet moneyline ways to wager on a sporting event. In this article, we’ll explain a moneyline bet and show you some real-world applications of this sort of gamble.

In contrast, spread betting employs a handicap to supposedly even the odds. The bettor collects if their chosen team or player wins, and the moneyline is used.

Moneyline Betting 

A moneyline wager is a simple betting on who you think will win. When betting on a single athlete, such as a tennis player, the moneyline is also used. ML wagers on sports are as easy as picking a winner.

In contrast, spread betting employs a handicap to supposedly even the odds. The bettor collects if their chosen team or player wins, and the moneyline is used.

The sportsbook will give a wager one of three grades after the game or match:

Win: The chosen group triumphed. The sportsbook pays out the wager and any wins.

Loss: The chosen group was defeated. The money bet goes to the bookmaker.

Draw: The game’s final score or any of its constituent parts was a draw. The bookmaker refunds the bet, and the wager is voided.

How the Point Spread is Related to the Moneyline

Unlike the point spread bet, which requires picking a team to win by more than the point spread, the moneyline bet does not require picking a team to win by less than the spread. A greater payoff may be expected when betting on a 3-point favorite (i.e., -160 ML) rather than a 7-point favorite (i.e.: -350 ML).

Take into account that the spread to moneyline translation varies depending on the sport. It’s not the same thing to win by seven points in the NBA as in the NFL.

In the NFL, for instance, very favored teams might have moneylines as high as -700, suggesting that bettors must risk $700 to earn $100. Nevertheless, the converse is also true: underdogs may and do win sometimes, and if you’re willing to risk $100 to win $500, you can get +500 odds on an underdog. In sports, the point spread is the ultimate leveler.

To what Extent Do Plus and Minus Odds Apply?

As most online bookmakers publish odds in American format, including moneyline odds, we do so.

If you wager $100, you’ll win the amount after the plus sign (+), and if you bet less than $100, you’ll lose it.

Let’s use the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics as an example instead of a football game.

How Does Moneyline Betting Function?

Moneyline bet payments change based on the assessed strengths of the various contenders. Betting on good teams to win against poor teams is more complicated than it seems due to the moneyline payments reflecting the actual odds. You’ll “lay” the sportsbook a price or risk a lot in the hopes of winning a little.

Odds are presented in various ways in various parts of the globe. The “plus/minus” formula used in American odds is based on stakes of $100.

A negative symbol followed by a number indicates that the opposing team is the underdog. The sum indicates the bet required to win $100. Thus, at -400, you must risk $400 to win $100.

An added plus sign and a higher number will represent the underdog. If you bet $100, this is how much you could win. Hence, a +400 payout represents a $400 payout on a $100 bet.


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