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IoT Home Automation Devices That Will Improve Your Daily Life

You might have wondered exactly what the IoT or Internet of Things is and how it works. Chances are that you are using one of these devices today, maybe even in your own home. The Internet of Things refers to items that collect data, send data, or interact with other devices via the internet. 

The demand for IoT devices is growing considerably every year. Why? IoT devices:

  • They provide good automation and control
  • They are easy to monitor 
  • They save a considerable amount of time for humans
  • They help to save money by reducing the amount of time you would spend doing these tasks
  • The automation of routine daily tasks creates a good monitoring device
  • Offer features that make for a better quality of life

If you are reading this on your smart phone, you are using an IoT device! 

When it comes to home automation, there are more and more IoT devices available. Let’s look at some of the most popular items you might have in your home now, and some that might be in your home in the future. 

IoT Smart Home Automation Devices to Improve Your Daily Life

While it may take some time for some of us to turn our homes into an IoT wizard wonderland, you might have some of the following in your home right now: 

  • If you don’t have a smart ecosystem, you will soon, since this is the hub that connects most of your IoT items. The most popular are the Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Home-Kit, and Z-Wave. The hub is connected to the internet and to your smart phone. You can control nearly everything in your home from the hub, sometimes by a simple voice command. 
  • The Ring Doorbell is popular, as this is a camera and microphone that allows you to see who is at the door, even when you might be in another state! 
  • Smart lighting would include the Philips Hue system. This works off your hub, offering an unbelievable range of lighting for your home, including different colors (16 million) and the ability to let you set and time the lighting for every single outlet in your home. No more getting up to turn on the light! 
  • Nest Learning thermostat learns about you and your family’s daily patterns (everyone is out of the house by 10AM for example) and learns to set and control the temperature of the home, or even, individual rooms. You never have to set the thermostat again!
  • The Belkin WeMo smart plug is an electrical outlet that learns to control the amount of energy that is given to whatever device it is plugged into. That makes this device both money saving while remaining an environmentally friendly device. 

It’s estimated that there are currently 7 million connected homes on the IoT’s and an estimated 63 million by 2022! 

What does the future hold for the IoT’s and home automation? 

Imagine the alarm going off earlier because your phone noted that you had an early morning meeting scheduled in the calendar. The light and shower turn on as you walk into the bathroom and the shower is automatically adjusted to your preferred temperature. The wind turbine has already charged your electric car and a drone just delivered some razors to your door, since your smart device noted you were down to your last one. 

This might sound like a fantasy, and today, it is, but it is completely possible in the future. New sensors in nearly everything we buy will collect data on our well-being, our supplies of groceries and personal items, feed our pets, do some cooking, cleaning, and, if we are really lucky, clean up after our spouses, kids, and the dog. 

Of course, cyber security for all these devices will become more important than ever, but don’t worry. The IoT’s will probably have you covered there as well. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, will more than likely be up to the task by then, monitoring who and what has access to your data and information. Who knows? Maybe the latest thing in home automation will be a robot that mixes and brings you the perfect martini after a hard day at the office. 

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