In 2019 Plan Your Wedding Differently
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In 2019 Plan Your Wedding Differently

A wedding is a tradition and an auspicious event in everyone’s life and people try to make this day memorable not only for them but also for the friends and family. Dance, music, friends, and a promise to be there for each other make this event complete. Everyone says a silent prayer for a happy and peaceful life of the bride and groom. However, what makes this event joyous is management. One has to be watchful while choosing the wedding planner. The time management of wedding planners has prime importance. Whether it is a royal wedding or an aide’s reception it is the responsibility of a planner to provide services that he promises. There would be many brides to be in 2019 looking for new ideas for their special day. Below are listed some unique and widely loved wedding trends.

In 2019 Plan Your Wedding Differently

Add Some Color

It is a ritual that the bride usually wears a white gown on her wedding day to have a chaste look. Guests who come to attend this happy event also try to match the theme with the bride and groom. You can add something new while doing wedding planning in Indianapolis this year. When guests see off the bride and groom there can be used colored smoke. This addition of smoke will make your pictures memorable and eye-catching. If a wedding is held in day time then rising colors in the air will add a spark to this occasion. You will see radiant smiles on many faces and everyone wants his friends and relatives to be happy at their wedding.

Enjoy Some Decorum

The bride and groom are the chief guests of the event so they have the right to enjoy this occasion. Relatives ought to try to appease the couple and arrange something special for them. A solo dance performance of the bride and groom is not a bad idea. This performance can be arranged in a font of guests. The couple will feel that they are important to everyone that they are willing to see their dance. Soft music and lighting will create an ambiance for them.

Utilize Dyed Grass and Flowers

It depicts your aesthetic sense if you use something unique to decorate the wedding canopy. Flowers are a true must for every wedding. This year try using dry flowers. If you dye dried leaves and flowers with soft colors you can use them innovatively. Dyed flowers and clouds of smoke create a feeling of a fairytale wedding. You will see many wedding designs and coordinators who would suggest different things for your wedding but this idea is too trendy that you will not find in any catalog.

Handmade Wedding Invitations

If guests list is not too long then you can design and make your wedding cards yourself in 2019. Use some memorable pictures with parents and your spouse to be and make your cards an unforgettable one. You can inspire many other couples to do the same. If you plan this activity with your partner then time can be saved. Not only time but money will also be saved and you can use that on your honeymoon.

Use Attractive Wallpapers

If you think that the guest list is too small and you can arrange a wedding at your home then there is no issue. Many ideas can help you have a phenomenal wedding at your home. Select a wallpaper and ask your planner to display it at the stage. These wallpapers transform the overall look of the wedding arrangement. You can go for a soft colored or faded picture of you with your spouse. Even a collage of pictures is a considerable option.

In 2019 Plan Your Wedding Differently

Make Your Pets Part of the Event

During the recent past and in 2019 people loved to make their pets part of their wedding. They either display details of their pet at the event or bring it along. Both are apposite ideas to opt for. if your pet is properly tamed then you can bring him with you. It will be too good if both the bride and groom have pets and they make them part of the wedding ceremony. These pets will look cute in pictures and show your love towards them.

Destination Wedding

Many people opine that destination weddings increase the burden of responsibilities but that’s not true of you have a professional wedding planning team with you. They take responsibility for everything from seat reservation to honeymoon bookings. Destination weddings are still a trend in 2019. The bride and groom are centers of attention but guests have the right that you treat them with all that you can do. If a beautiful resort is reserved for the wedding then guests will stay happy and you will get a precious photo album. Years later you will be able to narrate the event in front of your kids nostalgically.

Small Sized Cakes

How can be a wedding completed without cake and cake cutting ceremony? Nonetheless, it is sometimes messy to cut such a huge cake and distribute it among your guests. In 2019 people loved the idea to order small-sized cakes just like a pastry. Bride and groom cut a regular-sized cake and small-sized cakes are distributed among guests. Things remain safe and clean.

Plan Wedding like a Royal One

If you dream of having a royal wedding then it is not equivalent to reach the tip of Mount Everest. You can have a royal wedding by using your wits. The first thing that you need is a regal location for your wedding. Thereby, visit several locations and select the place vigilantly. Order your flower bouquet with a spring of myrtle. Then the costumes of the bride and groom have to be inspired by Disney princesses and princes. Prepare a DIY crown for the bride and there has to be a balcony at the location where you arrange the wedding. After taking your vows come to that balcony and wave at your friends and family. It is better to order a classy car for your wedding. Now you know it is not too difficult to have a wedding like a royal one in 2019.

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