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How to make cash for home decoration from free getting

Punters are always ready to bet on platforms that allow them to play bets for free without having to get into complicated conditions. There are punters out there who have used the proceeds from free getting to book their flight to their dream countries and if you want to decorate your home from the proceeds gotten from free bets, then it is all possible. What matters most is the strategies you use while playing this free getting and how you place them. 

To make extra cash from free getting, check out Below are some of the strategies as a punter you can apply to get some of the biggest winnings from free getting or matched bets. 

What is Free Getting? 

Free getting is a term that is also known as free bets or matched bets and it is a promotional tool by different betting platforms to attract more punters to their brand and at the same time increase their reach. Some of the ideal fee getting are the ones where you can play the free bets without having to go through rigorous conditions or giving out a certain percentage to the betting platform. For you to get a free bet, you will need to qualify first by placing some sort of another bet to get the free bet; you place bet A to get bet C. Here are some things to take note of if you want to make money for your house decoration through free betting:

  • Use decimal odds 

The first thing you will have to do to win with free getting is to create an account with your favorite betting platform that provides free getting and once you are done, you will need to make use of decimal odds. The reason why it is necessary to make use of decimal odds is to help you understand very well what is going on and to make comparisons between two platforms that provide free bets. For instance, if you are making use of Forebet and Bet365 to get your free bets, then you will have to use decimal odds to compare the differences between the two platforms. 

  • Find and place the qualifying bet 

As said before, you will have to place a qualifying bet before you are granted a free getting and you will have to find it on the website of the betting site you are using. There are some things that you need to know when you are placing your qualifying bet to avoid a situation where you will have to get into complications. You will have to read the terms of conditions that are provided by the site to see if there is any commitment or hidden clause in the bet. 

  • The back and lay odds should be close 

One of the mistakes that bettors make when they are placing a free getting is that they place the back and lay odds far from each other and this is not advisable. You will have to make the back and lay odds close to each other because it helps to increase the amount of money that you are going to receive from the bet and it also increases the chances you have of winning the free bet. You have to know that when it comes to free bets, the stakes are not returned but it is a nice way of winning some cash for your home decoration. 


Free getting is one of the ways that punters can make extra cash to perform some projects such as decorating a house and with the right strategies you can win big with this. All you will have to do is to choose a good betting platform, read their terms and conditions, and then place the back and lay odds close to each other. 

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