How To Decorate Your Home Using Subway Tiles in 2019
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How To Decorate Your Home Using Subway Tiles in 2019

Using subway tiles to decorate your home can give it a stylish look and a beautiful traditional feel that you will admire. Rooms featuring different colors of these tiles can give great aesthetic value, sweetness, and warmth to your home in a snap with a look that certainly gets old. Here are the ways you can decorate your home using subway tiles.

Modern lines

With a room featuring neutral pallet, incorporating white subways can blend very nicely with the color scheme while adding some dimensions to space. Here, nature and natural light views help in warming up the modern aesthetic of the room.

Luxe for less

Using high-end tiles is another great way to decorate your room. However, because of their expensive nature, it is good to use them sparingly. Using them in the shower stall is incredibly admirable. Pricey green glass tiles serve as a colorful accent when they are randomly diversified with economical white tiles.

Clean kitchen

Using subways in your kitchen adds that traditional feeling and there is no doubt their color never gets old. If you love cooking a lot and you need your kitchen to have materials that are easy to clean to keep it clean, the subways are the way to go – especially if you’re looking at a subway tile backsplash.

The best way to decorate your kitchen is to make sure the tiles are taken from the countertop and installed all the way to the ceiling trim. This gives a beautiful look in the kitchen and makes it easy to clean thus you don’t have to worry about spending too much time while cleaning your kitchen.

Placing tiles like wainscoting

When you want to add a classic feel in your kitchen, Placing tiles like wainscoting when doing your decorations will work out the tricks. The tiles create a back-splash zone when placed from floor to hip level like wainscoting. With this design, the white tiles serve as neutral adjacent to the larger part of the floor that is patterned.

Pattern play

If you didn’t know, subways can be laid horizontally and vertically. Interchanging vertical and horizontal tiles in your home creates a modern and graphic modern wall which presents a beautiful array of interiors with a lovely and admirable effect. The horizontal and the vertical arrangement of the tiles create a bolder appearance and the right choice of the color will make a whole difference in creating the cohesion of the space.

Blanc backsplash

Installing white subways as a backsplash is a great way of decorating your home to add aesthetic value and the beautiful look that you need. They help in guiding the room aesthetic way from an industrial appearance. Choosing a brighter color of the tiles for the shelf and cabinet walls will bring a greater and an appealing look into your home.

Visual trick

Installation of white subway tiles in your bathroom will work for you perfectly as a wall splash guard and a bathtub surround. Visually, having an all-white bathtub area blends perfecting helping the small space in your bathroom look larger. For your wholesale vaping supply needs, KMG Imports is a trusted online supplier.

The Takeaway

Choosing the right color and texture of the tiles you need to put in your room, is a great way to embrace the industrial look of the subway tiles. This article has highlighted some ways which you can use tiles to decorate your home. Are there other ways you feel these tiles can be used for decoration? Leave a comment and let us know other ways these tiles can be used for home decorations.

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