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How Can A Two-Way Radio Effectively Benefit Your Businesses?

It is very common that when disaster strikes that electricity gets cut off, and mobile signals become unavailable. If this happens, how can you contact your family, or how can you call for help? 

Two way radios are the fastest and most efficient way of communicating with each other. This article aims to educate you on how beneficial it is to own your two-way radio not only for your personal use but also for your business.

What are two-way radios? 

You often see them in movies used by the police and rescuers. It is also called a walkie talkie. But did you know the use of two-way radios go way back? It is one of the first modes of communication used years ago and is still the more reliable way of communicating during emergencies.

Two way radios can transmit and receive a signal through radio waves, while a mobile phone uses the signal from high-frequency microwaves to transmit and receive signals. 

Who are the common users of two-way radios? 

The common users of these radios are the police and emergency and rescue personnel. But did you know that some businesses, especially those based in remote areas, use the radio system for their communication? Some of the more common users of the radio system are those in the industrial and engineering industry. Their worksites are sometimes in areas where no mobile signal is available. Aside from the two-way radio’s reliability in securing a strong connection between users, there are still other advantages for business owners to take note such as:

  • Cost-efficient

Two-way radios are way more cost-efficient and relatively cheaper compared to mobile phones or even telephones. Apart from their acquisition cost, you won’t be needing to pay for any extra expenses such as mobile service plans and roaming charges. In addition to that, your employees can even share a radio or take turns using them, which will save you a lot of money.

  • Durability

Compared to mobile phones that are quite sensitive to shock, dust and water, two-way radios are built to be durable. One of the reasons why radios are often used by the military, police and rescue forces and often seen in the engineering industry is their ability to withstand extreme impact, weather and water exposure. So, if your business site is somewhere prone to these aspects, then a two-way radio might be the one for you.

  • Increases employees’ productivity 

There is no chance for employees to keep work-related conversations a secret with two-way radios. Its use can help keep employees from slacking off and from using it for personal purposes. 

  • Quick relay of messages
  • Just with a single press, you are good to go! This feature of press and connect in two-way radios is essential during emergencies where information relay must be done as fast as possible. 

Walkie talkie your way to productivity!

Establishing secured and accessible communication within a group of employees is essential to ensure the group’s overall productivity. So walkie talkie your way to productivity!

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