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3 Essential Documents When Traveling With Children To Dubai

Dubai is the ideal travel destination. This location is filled with various attractions and record-breaking architectural marvels. All these are bound to wow everyone including kids. When planning to take your children to Dubai, there are certain documents to prepare. These are very important to ensure that you don’t get problems on arrival.

Essential documents when traveling with children to Dubai

Top attractions for kids in Dubai

Before understanding the necessary documents for traveling with children to Dubai, it pays to first understand why take your kids to this location in the first place. Below are some of the attractions to give your kids a memorable experience.

  • Ski Dubai
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Motion Gate Dubai
  • Laguna Waterpark
  • Legoland Dubai
  • Museum Of Illusion
  • Miracle Gardens
  • Sheikh Mohammed Centre

Essential documents when traveling with children to Dubai

1. Child travel consent

This consent form offers proof that you have parental permission to move with the child. The consent should be from the other parent or legal guardian. A child traveling alone needs a consent form sighed by all parents. Alternatively, you need a consent form signed by the other parent to move with a child. This is very important regardless of whether you are married or divorced. And, you have to carry a photocopy of the other parent’s passport and identification.

For a minor with one parent dead but traveling with the other parent or a guardian, a copy of the death certificate for the missing parent is necessary. However, this requires attestation to make it legalized. Luckily, you don’t have to take this load on your shoulder. A professional UAE attestation service can have all your documents legalized seamlessly. When a child is traveling alone with one living parent, a consent form signed by the living parent and a copy of the late parent’s death certificate is required. These should be attested.

Why a consent form is required

Although not a legal requirement, the consent foam is recommended by immigration officials for children wishing to travel. It eliminates border delays since immigration officials might keep you waiting or refuse the child to travel without the travel consent form. The consent form lessens the risk of child trafficking and abduction. This is a growing concern all over the world making it mandatory to present appropriate documentation before allowing a child to travel. The child travel consent form has details including:

  • Child’s destination
  • Travel arrangement
  • Child’s contact information
  • Contact information for both parents
  • Person traveling with the child

Validating a consent form

For the consent form to be accepted by authorities in Dubai requires signing by a notary public. To be sure of the legalization process, contact a professional attestation agency for assistance. This eliminates any guesswork. It is very important to have parental information to prove that the missing parent approves traveling with the child to Dubai.

2. Proof of relationship

Apart from the travel consent form, you should have proof of your relationship with the child. This might require a birth certificate, adoption decree, or custody order. However, these should be attested for authentication. When divorced, carry guardianship forms including the travel consent and medical consent. These indicate entitled care to the child while in Dubai.

To be sure that you have everything in order, confirm with your travel agent, a government website, or airline company the particular documents required for the trip. Alternatively, consult an immigration services agency to save you the stress. Carry all identification and contact information just in case you the child gets lost. Read all documents to confirm that they meet minimum standards and requirements so you get peace of mind.

3. Passport

Minors below 16 years should have a valid passport to cross borders by air. Only those crossing borders online might carry just a birth certificate. Having a passport is strongly recommended for your child for serving as an official citizenship verification document. The passport is valid for a particular number of years. So, ensure that yours and that of your child are still valid. When expired, give enough time to go through appropriate passport renewal steps.

Getting a passport for a child requires the involvement of both parents when both are alive. You are required to visit the appropriate passport office in your country to complete an application form. This comes at a small fee and you have to submit passport photos of the child and other documents including the birth certificate. Getting a passport takes a few weeks depending on your country of origin but there might be an expedited service at an extra cost for those traveling soon.

Final thoughts

The best way to prepare for a Dubai trip is gathering all the necessary documents. When traveling with kids, you have to prepare passports, consent form, and proof of relationship. These documents need attesting to legalize them in a foreign land. Doing this beforehand saves time and guarantees a pleasant experience free from any issues with authorities.

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