Elevate Your Wedding Decor with ManhattanNeons

Neon weddings are the ‘in-thing’ now! From a pre-wedding cocktail to post-wedding fun engagements, these fluorescent lights offer the perfect backdrop for every occasion. But what matters more is – how to pick the right one. Well, we’ve got you covered! 

As you scroll down this post, you will get a list of quirky neon light ideas and some tips on choosing the correct one for yourself. Stay tuned with us – 

Neon light ideas for wedding 

Here are some quirky wedding neon sign ideas that will elevate the elegance of your nuptial backdrop to an aesthetic level – 

  • Create a champagne tower with neon lights 

How about having neon lights light up the bar while you spray the champagne after taking the vows? For starters, you can utilize the neon lights and signages to light up the champagne tower and bar area, and follow it up with signages all along the dance floor. You are married and it is for a lifetime. Kickstart this journey with some rocking neon light glowing over you! 

  • Use neon signs for wedding backdrops 

From photobooths to the area where the bride and groom will be seated – put up customized neon lights and cutesy messages and signs to ensure that they have a gala time! Click the best shots and go in for heart emojis and floral walls with family names, all decked in fluorescent glow as you enjoy the effervescence of the marital union! 

  • Candle and neon light combo for guest dinner tables 

All of us want to ensure that our wedding guests are treated with utmost care. For those of you, who wish to move ahead from a simple backdrop neon sign decor to make the guests feel welcome at every step – fix neon light signages with candles and flowers on the dinner table and along the dining area. That would improve the essence of the ceremony and make it all the more intimate. 

  • Bring back the classic with neon bulbs 

Despite all the modernity and funk – traditional weddings hit hard! There’s nothing like neon lights intertwined with orchids and Juliet roses along the aisle that you walk down. Added to that, ensure that the altar has the best of shades washing the whole area over with its precise and calm halo. 

  • Fluorescent lights can glitter the bohemian glow 

Are you and your partner up for some bohemian calling? Adding neon bulbs to the whole decor will enhance the look of it all and ensure that the pampa grasses glow as much as the artsy chair! Integrate the modern look of your wedding with a vintage flavour and see the magic all by yourself! 

  • Hashtags with neon signs 

The last of the places that you can use neon signage is – creating wedding hashtags for your backdrop. Rather than putting up random fluorescent bulbs at the backdrop, curate hashtags out of those neon bulbs and make them perfectly capture-worthy! In fact, you can turn your wedding vows into hashtags and create perfect ‘couple moments’ for your wedding album. 

How do you choose the correct neon light? 

There are a couple of factors you must note before picking the neon light that you wish to integrate into the celebrations – 

  • Have a theme/backdrop in your mind 

The first thing you must note is – to ensure that you have a theme in mind. With that picture in your mind, it becomes easier to figure out the light you want and if those dangling pieces will suit your needs. 

  • Always ask for a variety 

With a theme in your mind, it is easier to determine the type of light you want. Whenever picking the same, always ask them to showcase their offerings. From simple bulbs to dangling lights to integrated pieces, you need to have a clear picture of it all before you come to a conclusion. 

  • Note your budget clearly 

It is crucial to fix your budget regarding picking the neon lights. There are a plethora of these available at multiple price tags. You need to ensure that you have an upper range so as to limit your choice.  

  • Look up the quality 

The last point to note while choosing a neon light is its quality. Note whether it will stand the test of time, or is extremely brittle in nature. 

Rest assured, online portals like Manhattan Neons will provide you with ample opportunities to experiment with the lights of your choice. They would allow you to tailor the lights according to your wishes and offer a wide range of collections that make for an excellent wedding assortment. So, cautiously pick the ones that you like. After all, it’s your day! Make it as sparkling as ever! 

Parting thoughts 

These days, weddings are way more intimate and subtle than traditional show-sha. The sparkle of neon lights makes for a great accessory to amp up the mood. Assuming you have read this post, you are better placed to determine and pick the correct fluorescent bulb to dazzle your wedding look. Ensure that you make a precise choice in terms of the neon lights you pick online. State your preferences well, customize them and make sure your flawless nuptial decor dream comes true! 

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