Don’t Ignore These Signs of Worn Out Windows and Doors
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Don’t Ignore These Signs of Worn Out Windows and Doors

Your house might make creaks and squeaks every now and then that are normal, but sometimes those house sounds could be telling you something you shouldn’t ignore. Read on to learn what clues you should notice when your windows and doors are in need of repair or replacement.


When the humidity of your house is too high, you could have an abnormal amount of condensation on your windows. During the winter months especially, the difference between the warmth level of your home and the cold of the outdoors can cause for condensation to form on your windows, again and again, no matter how much you wipe them down.

When that condensation freezes and forms ice on your windows, it’s not much of an issue if it doesn’t last for too long. If it does, then it’s time to replace your windows and doors this winter to get rid of the issue and improve your home.

Replace Your Front Door

Replacing your front door can be a fun decision to upgrade the look of your home, but there are some signs that can be telling you that your door needs to be replaced soon. Even though many of us don’t give much thought to our front doors, a worn-out one can have a big impact on your home’s insulation and efficiency.

Here are some signs that you should replace your front door:

  1. It takes Olympian strength to open and close it
  2. It’s covered in scratches and dings that affect its structural integrity
  3. When it’s closed you can see light coming in around the edges
  4. You can tell there’s a draft (hold a flame to the edges and see if it moves)
  5. There are water damage and visible rot

When you replace your front door, you’re investing in the efficiency of your home but you’ve also affected its resale value. In fact, a new door is one of the best bang-for-your-buck investments you can make to improve your home.

A Symphony of Squeaks

Take sliding patio doors, for example: if opening and closing them is difficult and makes such an ugly noise that you dread having to use it, then it’s time for a replacement. Your doors could be off their tracks and misaligned or damaged. Like all exterior entryway issues, an inefficient door system takes a negative toll on your home’s insulation and your electricity bill, but there are also safety issues that come with a worn-down door.

Squeaky sliding doors aren’t secure because they can be removed easily from their tracks by an intruder. To keep your family safe, visit the experts at Golden Windows for window and door solutions to solve your worn-down, tired fixtures.

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