Different Treatments Chiropractors Use

Singapore is an island city-state and is considered the most modern city in the entire Southeast Asian region. Singapore is also an economic giant with a high average per capita income of its residents. It is also a very clean city with strict rules and high penalties to maintain its cleanliness. Since the city is relatively small, the government restricts the ownership of vehicles by imposing high taxes when purchasing a car. Fortunately, Singapore has an efficient public transportation system, and most areas within the city can be accessed through walking. 

Singapore residents that feel muscle and joint pains may be having medical conditions that are responsible for the pain. On the other hand, some musculoskeletal pains may be caused by the misalignment of your spine. If this is the case, then a chiropractic treatment in Singapore will work best for you. Here are some of the treatments that chiropractors may recommend.  

Therapeutic Exercise. One of the main reasons for spinal misalignment and joint pains is inactivity. Your musculoskeletal system is made up of your bones, joints, muscles, and connective tissues and is responsible for support and movement. When you live a sedentary lifestyle, the muscles and joints that you do not use regularly may degrade. Chiropractors will commonly prescribe exercises that will strengthen your muscles and joints. Chiropractors will demonstrate to patients how to perform the strengthening exercise for the back, neck, and other extremities.  

Spinal Traction. Spinal traction is a chiropractic therapy that is aimed at manually stretching and mobilizing the spine. Spinal traction will stretch spinal muscles that may have tightened as a result of a spasm. Likewise, spinal traction will widen the intervertebral foramen to relieve any nerve roots that may have been impinged, causing back pains.  

Soft Tissue Therapy. Chiropractic treatment in Singapore may also use soft tissue therapy by hands-on manipulation on your soft tissues to improve the functions of your muscles, ligaments, and joint capsules.  

Physical Therapy. Muscle atrophy is a very common condition where the muscles of the body waste away as a result of prolonged physical inactivity. Chiropractic treatments such as physical therapy will stimulate the inactive muscles to contract to reduce muscle atrophy. Chiropractic treatments use several modalities to stimulate the muscles which include electrical pulses to stimulate muscle contraction, ultrasound to radiate heat to reach deep muscle tissues, and the use of hot and cold treatments to reduce muscle swelling and pain.  

Nutritional Counseling. Chiropractors are not limited to hands-on manipulation of your musculoskeletal system. They can also give patients counseling on the proper diet and nutrition to improve their bones and muscles. Obesity is a major cause of spinal misalignment. When your body becomes too heavy, your bones will get stressed from carrying your body’s weight. Chiropractors may suggest ways to keep your weight in check. 

Lifestyle Modification. Chiropractors can assess the cause of pains for non-medical reasons and may suggest different lifestyle modifications. For example, back pains may be a result of improper lifting techniques. If a patient does the heavy lifting for a living, a chiropractor can suggest different approaches in lifting objects that will give less strain on the patient’s bones and muscles.  

The above treatments are just some of the many treatments that chiropractors use to remedy muscle and joint pains. So, if you have back pains that you do not know the precise cause, seek chiropractic treatment in Singapore immediately. 

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