Latest Design & Trendy Style For Women

Autumn 2019 – Latest Design & Trendy Style For Women’s

Did you notice? Summers are ending and it’s time for autumn to mark its presence and hit on the pages of calendars. While you are busy in enjoying your days at the beaches and poolside, you will remember that you have to make some last-minute fall purchases as well. It’s time that you get out of your summer mode and read this article to update your styles with the latest and trendy designs of autumn:

Save The Day With Capes!

Spend your autumn feeling and looking like a superhero – by wearing one of the trendiest and coolest capes. If you are tired of wearing the same old denim jackets and coats, then it’s time for you to switch to capes that have been spotted in the runway show of some of the high-end brands. You can carry a light color cape to look more fall-ready. Also, you can always try on a velvet cape and pair it up with a comfortable t-shirt and jeans or else you can try a belted-trench cape to look more sophisticated visit website.

Time to Shine in Asymmetric Neckline

Remember when the hottest trend last year was the off-shoulder tops? This year it’s going to be all about asymmetric neckline. This new fashionable style will perfectly make you stand out amongst everyone. From Burberry’s new fashion line to Kate Spade, this style is making its own name. It perfectly highlights your collarbone and shoulder making sure that you also look modest and sophisticated at the same time. This slight neckline twist is all you need to make your wardrobe look even better! Either it’s an asymmetric dress that can be paired with the perfect heels to make you look lively or a midi dress with attention-grabbing cutout.

It’s All about gloomy Floral

Spring might be all about flowers; however, this autumn it’s all about wearing those flowers. The leaves might be falling from the trees but you can always save the flowers by having them on your clothes. Switch from yellow and bright colored floral for something more exciting. Witness an experience of dark colored florals this fall! From Marc Jacobs to Prada, you will be seeing rich floral hues, tops, dresses, and much more. You can wear a detailed black dress with colorful florals on it and slay it with the perfect pair of heels.

Leather on Leather

Did you know? You can wear leather in more appealing styles. Apart from that women brown bomber leather jacket that is lying in your wardrobe. Test your limitations by going beyond the boundaries. Try wearing leather dresses and tops this season. If you think that’s not your style, then feel free to wear a leather blouse that will make you look straight out of a fashion magazine. Add a touch of boldness and pair your clothes with gorgeous hues of leather.

Get On the Lavender Trend

Guess what is trending in color palette of 2019? Its lavender! Be all lavender from top to bottom because it’s the new trending color that is set to make you look beautiful! 2018 was all about different shades of pink, 2019 is all about different shades of lavender. Either go for all over lavender this season or just add a pop of lavender but having one wardrobe in this color is essential.  You can go with few contrasting shades as well. Make an alluring contrast of lavender and rock on the ramp.

Feel All Feathery With a Slight Touch

Many designers such as Prada and Proenza Schouler have introduced the feel of feather styles which is all the rage this fall. It’s different than the other styles that have been introduced in the previous years. It’s about giving a feel of feather instead of covering it with feathers from top to bottom. Try a jacket with feathered sleeves or a bag covered with pastel colored feathers and you are good to go!

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Slip on the Satin

It’s time to feel soft and regal with the new trend of having satin outerwear in your wardrobe. It can now be also worn in your average day at office as a button-down shirt. Besides this, carrying it in the formal events is also a best option. From pastel colors to neon hues, hop on the bandwagon of satin wardrobe! So, what are you waiting for? Go all formal with the soothing hues of satin.

Quilty pleasures

Something is making a remarkable comeback, guess what it is? Let us reveal this amazing secret. These are quilty pleasures. The intricate work of patches and quilts has made a record-breaking comeback. A 70’s inspired look – Slay in all nostalgic vibes. Be it boots, purse or just a coat, get your hands on this quilt patchwork and look all modern with nostalgic vibes. Ever wondered that you will be experiencing a lifestyle of 70s in 21st century? Surely not!

Final thought

Are you ready for autumn this year? If you are still not then it’s completely okay because this article gives you a detail insight on fashionable trends, all ready to make appearance. Follow these trends and hit on the floor with confidence, after all its about marking your audacious presence. Imagine how exciting it would be to harmonize the fusion of nostalgia, vogue, and boldness together. Try on these trendy styles and turn your lazy-dazy autumn vibes into a complete bloom of hues and fashion.

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