5 Reasons to Replace Cheap and Flimsy Furniture with Solid Wood
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5 Reasons to Replace Cheap and Flimsy Furniture with Solid Wood

It’s so tempting to cut corners or opt for inexpensive items when furnishing homes. Sometimes saving money by paying less is not the best option. Here are just a few reasons to replace cheap flimsy furniture with high quality, solid wood pieces. 

You want to make a statement in your home, maybe add some character. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to happen with cheap, mass-produced, flimsy furniture. Nothing says cold and devoid-of-personality like items that are identical to what everyone else already owns. A quality piece of solid wood furniture can easily add warmth and richness, as well as unique style, to your home – and you can check out these reclaimed wood tables for a good example of how solid wood furniture can create a perfect balance of quality and style.


Cheap furniture is, well, cheap. Over the years, the cost of replacing cheap furniture can add up to a higher cost than you would have paid by buying solid wood furniture in the beginning. The fact is that nothing held together with staples and glue is going to last very for long.

Creating a Family Heirloom 

Imagine, 50 years from now, your grandchildren are giving a tour of their home to some friends. When they point over to a poorly-constructed, mass-produced, and very plain piece of plywood furniture, they say, “This has been in my family for decades.”

If you’re thinking that this scenario is highly unlikely, you’re right – no one will want to keep your furniture if you buy cheaply-made items. The same scenario is much more imaginable with carefully crafted furniture made of solid wood because it is built to last and be treasured for generations.

Quality Solid Wood Furniture Can Become New Again 

Years of wear and tear will ruin cheap furniture, but the same aging process only adds depth and character to solid wood furniture. If your wood furniture does suffer damage from use, it can be made to look like new again.

Having an experienced professional refurbish your high-quality wood pieces can bring new life to your décor. You can even switch up the style and look of an old item by having it stained or painted. This is an excellent way to combine old styles with more modern looks, which will help make the item fit your current interior style. You just can’t do that with poorly made furniture!

For anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint, choosing wooden furniture is only part of the battle. Everyone knows responsibly sourced wood canis easier to replenish over time – but if you keep replacing cheap furniture, you’re using more resources and energy. Every little bit counts when it comes to conserving our ecosystem. 

When you furnish your home with solid wood furniture, be sure to check for “white glove” delivery. This means that when your items are delivered, they’re carefully placed exactly where you want and how you want. Any packaging will be removed for you and your satisfaction is regarded with serious concern. Insurance and bonding is also a must, in order to be sure you cover any damage or losses in case they occur.

It’s time to treat yourself and your family to an upgrade to your home. Get rid of your cheap, worn out furniture today and start enjoying the comfort and beauty of a quality solid wood!

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