5 Benefits of a Lawn Reticulation Installation
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5 Benefits of a Lawn Reticulation Installation

When looking into a reticulation installation for your lawn in Perth, residents will quickly find that they are not alone. In WA reticulation is a fact of life here unlike the rest of the country where reticulation is quite rare. However, many residents seeking to have their first lawn may think that they understand the subject, but there is a lot of bad advice out there. In this article, we will look at the five main benefits of lawn reticulation so that new homeowners can better understand the subject.

1. Automatic Lawn Watering

At its very basic level, reticulation is all about automatic lawn watering. A system like this will take a lot of the work out of watering and make it less likely that it’s forgotten. The lawn reticulation system will simply turn itself on at the set time, carry out its watering program and then turn off automatically. If you have a good system, there will be no need to adjust sprinkler heads or direct where the water goes.

2. Even Water Coverage

Regular automatic lawn watering is essential, but it will not be effective if the coverage isn’t correct. When people water by hand, they will not be able to carefully monitor the volume of water for each section of their garden. A reticulation system will give you complete control over where the water goes and how much is delivered.

3. Set it and Forget it

For the most part, a lawn reticulation system can be set up and then forgotten about. It will work happily throughout the year providing precisely the amount of watering when you need. Of course, there will need to be some adjustment for different seasons to ensure that the lawn isn’t overwatered. Occasionally some maintenance may be required to ensure that the system is working correctly. Obviously, if you have a system and noticed puddles or dry patches, there could be a problem, and you should contact Luke’s Landscaping for advice.

4. Cheaper Watering Costs

There is a significant initial outlay for a good quality lawn reticulation system. However, the resident investing in this type of system will reap some benefits in costs later. Over time the initial investment may be recouped when you factor in the time saved by not watering by hand. Despite this saving, there are other savings to consider, by not overwatering you will reduce your water bills. Also, you can protect your lawn investment, regularly watered lawns will be less likely to need an expensive replacement.

Installing a Water bore can be another way to lower your watering costs as you are drawing water directly from the ground rather than through the water system. Consult your local installer on a water bore installation in Perth.

5. A Lot for Your Money

When you install a lawn reticulation system, you get a lot of equipment for your money. The pop-up sprinklers, underground pipes, and solenoids to control the system are all necessary to get the best watering results. This should only be carried out by trained lawn care professionals to get the best out of your new lawn reticulation system.

If they need a reticulation installation Perth residents should get in touch with Luke’s Landscaping for expert help and advice.

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