4 Home Projects to Tackle This Spring
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4 Home Projects to Tackle This Spring

Spring is here, the sun is finally out, and you find yourself inspired to work on home improvement projects. You may be asking yourself – which projects make the most impact and are appropriate for this season?

Check out the following four home projects that blend traditional spring projects with some new ideas.

1. Give Your AC a Tune Up

Now that the heat is rising, it is time to turn on the AC for the season! During this time, scheduling a tune-up with a professional is a must for cost-savings throughout the spring and summer.

Schedule the tune-up quickly before professionals get super busy, and remember to change your AC filter regularly. The Alliance to Save Energy (ASE) states the importance of a well-maintained cooling system. It will run better and be more efficient, saving money on your energy bill by having it tuned up regularly.

2. Clean Out the Dust

During the winter, clutter probably built up and took over in your household, and more clutter means more breeding ground for dust and bacteria — yuck!

Start with the basics by wiping down all surfaces and dusting fixtures. Then dig deep in your carpets, upholstery, and mattresses to rid the soft areas of your home of dust mites. Use hot water to clean your linens, vacuum surfaces, and find the right sprays to get the best deep clean possible. Since allergens are housed by dust throughout the house, and spring is prime time season for allergies, now is the time to do a proper carpet cleaning by a professional or with a rented carpet cleaner.

3. Declutter and Donate

As part of cleaning and decluttering from the winter, what better time is there to donate goods and recycle others? Make it a regular practice each spring to perform a careful evaluation of your clothes, shoes, electronics, and other house goods. Be honest with yourself about what you actually use and what you can contribute to charity.

For items that cannot be donated or may have restrictions on disposal, check your local recycling program to find out what is collected, what can be recycled, and how you can distribute it. Purging your home of unnecessary clutter adds space, comfort, and tranquility to your home. For instance, perhaps it’s time to let go of those fluffy toys that your kids have outgrown and are just stored in stuffed animal storage.

4. Add a Splash of Color

Paint is a cost-effective, dramatic way to freshen up the look of your house. When choosing a color, remember that there are psychological effects or impressions according to color. It pays to purchase a small sample of the color and test it out on your wall or a piece of cardboard, as paint can often dry lighter or darker than the paint swatch provided in the store. Once you have repainted a room, you may want to even consider shifting furniture, rearranging paintings, or buying a new home accessory to spruce things up and re-energize your space.

Spring is all about new beginnings, including the condition and feel of your home. So here provided are some ideas for the interior of your house to give you a jumpstart. You may also want to consider projects in the spring for the exterior of your house as well!

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