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4 Easy Steps to Turning Your First Home Into a Guest House

If you’re a homeowner and you recently bought a second home, you should consider turning your first home into a beautiful guest house. This is an excellent way to add value to your home, get more use out of your investment, and turn your home into something practical and profitable.

Here are a few ways to get started.

Get the right paperwork

You’ll need to apply for a business license. Your state may require that you go through a local or county government agency, so it’s worth checking with your city before proceeding. Most businesses have to pay an annual fee and follow any other specific regulations regarding zoning laws and building codes. You may also have to get an electrical inspection. If so, hire an electrician licensed in the state where you live.

Ensure there are fire extinguishers on every floor and plenty of them (at least one per room), install smoke detectors in every bedroom and hallway, and have fire escapes in case of an emergency. These are just some safety precautions that are crucial when dealing with housing strangers overnight.

Renovate the living room

The living room is the perfect place to start your guesthouse makeover because it will be the main area where guests interact with each other and spend most of their time in the house.

Start with a deep clean of your entire house so there is no dust or dirt left behind. Then paint the interior walls with aneutral color scheme, such as white or cream. The color helps create an airy feel that will encourage your guests to relax in this space rather than feeling suffocated due to dark colors.

Next, buy new furniture in keeping with the style of your home. For example, if it’s an old, rustic style house, then antique oak furniture would complement this rather than something modern and steel framed.

Upgrade the bathroom

Ensure the bathroom is clean and tidy. Replace the toilet paper and soap and outfit the bathroom with plush bath towels and fresh linens for each guest. You can also provide toothbrushes for those who forget them.

Replace all old fixtures with new ones like shower units, toilets, and bathtubs. Doing this will ensure no leaks in the future, which means no flooding issues.

Next, replace all old tiles to avoid any potential issues with mold or mildew. Tile installation can be pretty expensive, but it’s an essential factor, so you should budget accordingly.

Don’t skimp on the bedrooms

The bedrooms are arguably the most crucial part of the house. As you’re building out the rest of your space, you need to make sure that each bedroom is comfortable and well-equipped for its purpose.

First, if you’re going to have guests regularly, ensure that each bedroom has enough space for them. This can be as simple as adding extra floor space to accommodate more extensive beds or mattress frames.

In addition to comfort and convenience in the bedroom, think about how well-lit the room will be when it comes time for sleeping—and whether there are enough outlets near those beds so everyone can charge their phones overnight.

Bottom Line

Turning your first home into a guest house can be overwhelming, but the rewards are well worth the challenges.

The key is to think about the unique qualities of your space, what kind of atmosphere you want it to have, and how you’ll get there. By doing so, you’ll set yourself up for success and make sure that guests feel comfortable during their stay.

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