5 Tips To Remove Scratch Marks From Windows

Glass is a tough material, but it can get scratched due to many reasons. A scratch on a glass door, window, tabletop, or other household items can affect its appearance. Small scratches on the glass can be removed or at least disguised. Fixing a scratch can restore the glass’s appearance and make it appear pristine, but scratches should be addressed as soon as possible before they turn into cracks. You might need to replace the glass if the damage is too severe.

Removing scratch marks

Polish with toothpaste

Allow the glass to dry after cleaning it with a clean cloth and ensuring that it is free of debris. Dampen a microfiber cloth with water and squeeze a dot of toothpaste onto it. It’s best to be cautious about how much toothpaste you use. As you treat the scrape, you can always apply more. Rub this over the scratch in a circular motion. To eliminate the scratch, you may require repeated applications of toothpaste. Using a moist microfiber cloth, wipe the glass clean.

With baking soda

Start by cleaning the glass to avoid introducing further debris into the scratch. In a mixing basin, whisk together equal parts of baking soda and water until a pudding-like consistency is formed. Using a microfiber cloth, gently rub the paste into the scratch. Do this for about 30 seconds, rubbing in a circular motion. Using a clean towel and lukewarm water, remove the baking soda residue. A clear glass window can do wonders especially if you live on rented property. You can always hire a professional bond cleaning company to make sure there are no stains or scratches.

Using metal polish

A metal polish, while designed to brighten metal, can also be used to remove scratches from the glass. However, using too much metal polish may cause more harm to your glass. Begin by applying a little amount of metal polish on a soft cloth. Use the tiniest quantity possible, just enough to be seen on the cloth. Lightly rub the scratched glass. When you’re finished, wipe away any polish residue on the glass using a clean microfiber cloth.

Using nail polish

Allow the glass to dry after cleaning it with a glass cleaner or a wet microfiber cloth as usual. Scratch treatment can be done with a bottle of clear nail polish. Dip the applicator in the nail paint that comes with the bottle and rub it over the scratch. As much as possible, avoid making contact with the surrounding glass. Allow an hour for the polish to dry. Using a clean cloth, dab a small amount of nail polish remover on the scratch to remove the nail polish.

Using fine steel wool

Although steel wool may appear to be a cause of window scratches rather than a means of removing them, utilising the finest grade steel wool will help buff your scratch out completely. The trick is to purchase the proper sort of steel wool (#0000) and to start with a new pad since a worn one could cause new scratches on the window surface owing to rust or dirt accumulation on old steel wool.


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